EHR Growth, HIT and EHR Standards, Hospital EMR User Tracking Bill, and MGMA Conference in Las Vegas

Time for my roundup of interesting topics seen throughout the interwebs and related to EHR and healthcare IT.

Astounding growth in use of EHRs – 5x in 2.5 yrs – Dr. Mostashari at #ACE2011 (via Skype) – does your doc use an EHR?

I’d like to see where Dr. Mostashari got those numbers. I think there’s little doubt that EHR use is up. If we say that 2.5 years ago it was at about 15%, then that would mean that using his growth number we’re now at 75%. That seems way too high for me.

@shelleypetersen – Michelle Petersen
US are starting to standardise vendor requirements for #healthit and language used in #EHR regions, important move

Is this a misread of what’s being done with meaningful use and EHR certification? I haven’t seen standards really emerge for most of this. I guess it does say “starting.”

Hospital EMR User Tracking Bill
Don’t ask me why, but this post about a CA Bill Requiring Hospital EMR Software to Track Users came across my tweet stream as well even though it was posted back in June. I guess that’s one thing I love about Twitter. It can bring back interesting content that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

After reading the post, I wondered if the CA bill passed or not. I’m guessing not. Although, I’m still shocked by the article’s comments that even an expensive Epic install at Kaiser can’t meet the requirements of reporting on what data for a patient in an EHR has been deleted and who’s accessed that patient data.

MGMA Conference in Las Vegas
I’ll admit that I’ve wanted to go to the MGMA conference for a couple years now. This year I’m lucky that it’s hosted in the beautiful Las Vegas. So, I’ll definitely be there enjoying the event. I’ve been thinking about doing a New Media Meetup at MGMA like I do at HIMSS. Are any readers interested if I put it together? If there’s only a few of you, we could just do a dinner or something. Let me know in the comments or on my contact us page.

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  • I think the standards reference might have been along the lines of this announcement last month (and as indicated – 10 years in the making) :

    Not entirely sure about MGMA – but if I’m there – count me in for drinks/dinner!


  • Umm, math: That would be 75% if you started with 15. I suspect he didn’t start so high, and would also love to see the source.

    My gut tells me that a metanalysis of EHR adoption rates is both overdue, and potentially very amusing.

  • Dan,
    Thanks for the link. I’m going to have to research the standards a bit more for a future post.

    I hope you do make it to MGMA.

    Thanks for pointing it out. Late night math is always a bad idea. I was trying to multiply it by the years (2.5), but even failed to do that properly. Anyway, thanks for the correction. I’ve updated the post. That makes it not just high, but far too high.

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