Regulus Communications Launches Cloud Resources for Health Information Technology

The rapid development of digital technology for health information is creating new and exciting opportunities for industry service providers. Tablets and smart phones are now the devices of choice for providers, patients, and technology developers. The need for mobile innovations for health information technology is now crucial to the delivery of fundamental health services.

Lincoln, NE (PRWEB) August 18, 2011

Regulus Communications, Inc. announced today the creation of its cloud resources for health information technology.

The cloud provides a group of server-based applications and data services for health care providers, health care technology developers, healthcare facilities, and individual healthcare professionals. The resources were compiled for health information education, health technology marketing, and mobile device development.

“Mobile cloud resources for health information technology will change the landscape for both service providers and device developers,” says Richard L. Austin, the project director. “Every health care professional, service provider, teaching environment, and medical information program will need to have a mobile capability to meet the demands of staff, students, and patients,” he added.

The HIT cloud is designed with an extensive package of user resources that are accessible from a PC, digital tablet, or mobile phone, and include:

+ The mobileHIT network to serve as the member community providing home pages, blogs, event announcements, member profiles, and mobile video publishing. The network theme includes Google Translation Integration so users can convert networking features into 52 different languages as well as Google Maps Integration for searching technology products and services.

+ A network allowing members to post HIT related questions across the network and get answers from other members, including businesses, and service providers.

+ A Poll/Survey module for snap-shot research across the network on important HIT issues.

+ A Forums module for individuals and business to develop interactive forums on important health technology issues.

+ The mobileHIT Content Center for business members to showcase health technology content services, products, and programs via a central online directory. The content center allows free access to the category presentations from across the Internet.

+ The Jounal of Mobile HIT Innovations serves as the multimedia journal for the introduction and presentation of new health technology innovations and strategies using touch-enabled mobile devices. Content includes articles by outside contributors and network business members on mobile health technology strategies and projects; a review of mobile apps developed for health information; and, book and product reviews for health information technology. Network members receive a free subscription to the journal.

+ The mobileHIT Campus for members to create professional development, online education, and online skill enhancement projects for health care individuals, businesses, facilities, and organizations. Members can offer distance learning classes, seminars, or online events that allow teaching and training from a mobile device. The campus is a fully mobilized Moodle CMS (course management system). Network members have free development access to the campus system.

+ The Universal padPublisher for members to author and publish healthcare content to computers, digital tablets, and mobile phones for marketing, education, training, and patient services that includes text, geo-tagged pictures, video, and online fill-out forms. Access to the authoring tool is free to network members.

+ The mobileHIT Research Update for reporting and summarizing market research studies on health information technologies. Regulus recently formed a strategic alliance with CLS Profakt of London (Croydon), UK to conduct eye tracking research studies on mobile devices for health information technology. The Research Update feature will serve as the core presentation center for the studies.

Regulus Communications, Inc. is a mobile media development company based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Beaumont, Texas, and London (Croydon), UK focusing on education, health information technology, mobile networks, mobile retailing, and market research for mobile content.