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I’ve been really intrigued by a number of the articles written by the famous healthcare IT journalist, Neil Versel on his site Meaningful Health IT News (Note: I host his blog, but he creates all the content). Here’s a few of his interesting posts and my thoughts about them.

Founder of Twitter, Biz Stone to Speak at HIMSS 2012 – I think this is really exciting. I’m interested to hear what he’ll say about healthcare. I’m not sure how much he’ll mention Twitter, but he’s got a smart mind and I love listening to smart people.

I’d love for Biz to take questions from Twitter during the event too. He also helped create and launch blogger. Maybe we could convince Biz Stone to come to the 3rd Annual New Media Meetup at HIMSS 2012.

BTW, @HIMSS got Biz Stone’s Twitter handle wrong. He’s @Biz.

CPOE Cartoons – Everyone needs a good laugh. So, I enjoyed these cartoons which make light of the idea that doctors might just search Google for the answers. Of course they won’t, but that doesn’t change the fact that doctors of the future will have amazing resources online to help them treat patients better than they do now.

Neil also mentioned the passing of Bernadine Healy and Janice Simmons. My condolences go out to both their families. Janice did something similar at FierceEMR to what I do on here. It’s a stark reminder that life is short. I’ve had it on my mind lately since last week my wife and I created a Trust and last night I finally put together the information about all my websites for my wife should something happen to me. Here’s hoping that she never needs that information, but I feel much better knowing she has it.

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