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I recently had the great opportunity to go to breakfast with Valerie Migliore and Karin Eichler during my visit to my in-laws in the upstate New York area (Rochester specifically). Despite being very pleasant ladies I was also happy to see they could speak EMR speak with me. I’ve met a whole lot of different people over the years and far too often I go and meet with someone who is just getting into the EMR world and so they’re still learning the ways of the EMR (excuse the Star Wars reference). I still enjoy those types of visits, but I really enjoy meeting with people like Valerie and Karin who can share with me some other EMR perspectives. In fact, they often show me new ways that I hadn’t looked at something before.

Turns out Val and Karin recently did a presentation about EMR, EHR and meaningful use in Syracuse, NY. They shared their slides with me and I thought they provides some interesting roadmaps and perspectives on EMR selection and implementation. I particularly liked the 17th slide where they show 2 staff involvement pie charts (between leadership, business, clinical and IT) for a successful EHR project and an unsuccessful EHR project (requoted from Shahid Shah’s http://www.slideshare.net/EHRoutlook/guaranteeing-successful-ehr-implementations).

I’d have liked to have been at the presentation to hear what they said with the slides, but I’ve embedded their slides below so you could learn from these smart people as well.

As a side note, I believe Valerie and Karin are working to build their EHR consulting clients in upstate NY. So, if you’re in that area and looking for someone to work with I can put you in touch with them.

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John Lynn

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  • Helpful slides…thanks John!
    Our software vendor is working around the clock to complete MU certification by the end of Sept (they are only half way there as yet). We are still in early implementation setup stages. In your opinion is it crazy to think we can rush implementation and go live by the end of Sept all the while meeting the reqs for Meaningful Use? Should we just forgo the easier 1st year attestation and small 4th year payout? All comments welcome…tired of obssessing.

  • Tammie,
    I’ve actually gone back and forth on whether it’s better to rush and do it this year or not.

    My current stance is…
    Work on the government money for ePrescribing this year. Then, next year you can go after the EHR stimulus money. You’ll get paid the same amount even if you wait to attest next year and it seems like MU stage 2 is going to be delayed anyway. It’s in 2013 that you start getting paid less. 2011 and 2012 are the same amount over the 5 years.

    I will just also mention that part of me is concerned that your EHR vendor is struggling to get certified.

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