First Hand Description of ONC HIT Workforce Programs

I’m still very intrigued by the ONC’s Health IT workforce programs. Turns out, it’s been a really popular topic on this site too ever since I posted about the HIT Pro Competency Exam.

I added that post to LinkedIn (Join the EMR Group on LinkedIn) and a lady named Beth Feldman offered this fascinating first hand description of her experience with the Health IT Workforce Program:

…it is exhaustive. We actually took the 17 courses in 8 months. Our program started late and there were glitches along the way. They gave us extensions because of the glitches and the mountains of discussions and exercises. Also one course was due the Monday evening 2 days after Saturday, Christmas day and we were still being given new course work and had to study for 3 finals. We were not given one course in it’s entirety and the VistA program never worked properly no matter how hard they tried to give it to us, so that hands-on experience related to the homework couldn’t be completed.

It is quite a robust, voluminous and difficult program given in such a short amount of time.
The quality control of the audio, the ppt without the notes, the spelling errors, etc. was not done.
I am taking the Practice Workflow….exam this Saturday and even though we took 17 courses, 1.5 of the courses we were never given to us so I’ve had to take those now in order to qualify for the second free voucher.

My next exam, Trainer, has 7 courses as well and I will have to learn another course we were not given.
I love the material but it’s a shame we had so little time to actually learn/own it.

Certainly we all know that the course was thrown together really quickly. So, I think things like spelling mistakes are reasonable. However, it’s really unfortunate that they don’t have access to the software they need to really train.

In fact, just today I was reading comments on another LinkedIn thread where students and teachers in the program were talking about their inability to get EHR vendors to provide them a demo EHR system for their students to learn. I pointed out a few possibilities for them to consider (there are 300+ EMR Companies to choose from), but it’s really unfortunate that they training programs don’t have the EHR software they need.

Her description of the homework and coursework also remind me how glad I am not in school anymore. This blogging gig is much better than the PhD program I was considering.

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