Personal Health Records in the Form of a Digital Dog Tag

Dog tags may be one of the simplest and oldest forms of identification and health information that we have.  They first appeared in some form during the Civil War and are still in use by the military today.  These vital pieces of ID provide information such as name, service, and religion.  More importantly they provide basic health information such as blood type and known allergies.

Asahi Kasei, a Japanese technology company, is taking the dog tag to the next level with the development of a “digital dog tag”.  This small RFID tag contains your personal health record providing on the spot data to healthcare providers using a phone or a laptop.  The tag uses Sony’s FeliCa smart card technology which is already in use on numerous Japanese devices.

Within a matter of seconds a paramedic, or clinician, can use compatible equipment to retrieve your entire medical history.  If larger files are required the tag can also provide the links necessary to access information on external servers.

It really isn’t that expensive either.  The device should come onto the market within the next year for about $25.  That really is quite reasonable for a 3x3cm card that could be the difference between living and dying.