101 Tips to Make Your EMR and EHR More Useful – EHR Tips 76-80

Time for the second entry covering Shawn Riley’s list of 101 Tips to Make your EMR and EHR More Useful. I hope you’re enjoying the series.

80. Make certain the leader of your project’s support team is a physician
I’d say this is true in about 98% of the cases. In some very rare cases, you might be able to get away with a strong practice manager as the leader of the project. However, in most cases you’re going to need a physician driving the bus. This physician leader is going to be the person who helps you get buy-in for the EMR project. Without this buy-in, your EMR project is on very shaky ground.

79. Evaluate the Process FIRST!
One of my favorite comments about technology is that it exacerbates any current issues. It’s like taking a magnify glass on any process issues you may have and makes them into really big problems. So you definitely want to take care of any bad processes before you do your EMR implementation.

78. Make certain reporting is easy and flexible.
Reports are becoming more and more important. Meaningful use is basically one big report (and some process changes I guess). Medicaid and other insurance companies need reports and their demand for information is just going to increase over time. Plus, you EHR’s reports can be the key to you running a successful medical practice. They can point out areas that you can improve your practice. Make sure they have strong reporting capabilities that don’t require a special consultant or phone call to support to run every time.

77. Find out which Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems integrate to the EMR.
This tip is more for hospital systems. Most ambulatory EHR systems do a pretty good job of document management. Plus, if they don’t most ambulatory clinics couldn’t pay for an ECM anyway. Either way, you need to take into account how you’re going to manage all the paper documents you still get and likely scan into your systems.

76. Do site visits
The benefits of a site visit have been mentioned at least a half dozen times already in this series of 101 tips and we’re only a quarter of the way through. That should be reason enough to do site visits. Site visits provide the first hand knowledge of how an EHR is used in a real practice. Plus, it lets you ask questions from someone who’s been through the EHR process. This connection can really pay off later if you go with that EHR vendor, because they can be a reference for when you have practical questions about your EHR as well.

If you want to see my analysis of the other 101 EMR and EHR tips, I’ll be updating this page with my 101 EMR and EHR tips analysis. So, click on that link to see the other EMR tips.

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