New Healthcare IT Certification Program

First we started with EHR certification. Then, we got meaningful use attestation. We also have the HIT professionl Competency exam. Now, we have a new healthcare IT certification program.

If you’ve read my posts for any amount of time, then you probably know how I feel about certifications in general. I don’t like them. They offer such little value to the end user and often mislead people into trusting someone or something for something that the certification doesn’t even represent.

With that understanding, I can’t say I’m that much more excited about this new HIT certification program. However, I do think it’s an interesting package that they’ve put together between EMR Approved, HITECH answers, and HIELIX. Let’s call it what it really is, a great way for these 3 groups to sell more product.

I’m not sure how much this new HIT certification costs and what exactly they’re offering people who do it. So, it’s hard for me to say if it’s worth it for someone to participate. I know the HITECH answers people put out some quality information about the HITECH act. That’s likely the most relevant information for most IT firms trying to enter the EHR and EMR market. HIELIX might be a great product, but there are other free options out there like EMR Consultant. Plus, the EMR selection process is so personal that an automated solution isn’t very good.

I’ll be interested to see how well this HIT certification program does. Will they be able to create a brand that will last? That seems to be the key to having a great certification.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • The intent of the EMRapproved Certification Program is to bring traditional IT firms up to speed on the business of HIT. Certainly we hope participants in the program utilize our tools and resources, but that it is not mandatory at all.

    The program was created by our seasoned regional HIT consultants; reviewed by our medical advisory board and is presented at an extremely reasonable cost which results in excellent benefits including free marketing, national directory listings, business templates and samples and a wealth of online resources to assist medical community clients.

    Leveraging the expansive knowledge of all three groups simply gives the attendee robust content and information. EMRapproved is indeed hoping to build a brand that will last – but we are most interested in building a resource that will benefit the medical community at large.

  • John, I’m happy to give you a demo of the Hielix EHR Roadmap so you are better informed. Selecting an EHR is extremely personal and practice specific and I’m happy to share how we have addressed that issue.

    Chris Councilor
    (813) 926-6200 x105

  • Hi Chris and Wendy,
    I hope you all do well in your effort. There’s no doubt a need for more qualified IT people to make the projects a success.

    I was suppose to get a demo before, but then never heard back from them. I’m actually going to be traveling for the next little bit. Could you just send me access and I could try it out when I have a little free time?

  • John, I just noticed you also posted a comment to this article. We have no way to give you free access to the system which is why I suggested the demo. Please feel free to contact me directly at my number given or email at I’m happy to share the Hielix EHR Roadmap with you personally.


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