Cleaning Your Screen with Microfiber Cloth

As more and more people get SmartPhones and other iPad like devices, more and more people are asking how to clean these devices. While it’s great to be able to have a touch screen device, it always means that you’re going to have fingerprints all over your screen. Plus, if you’re like me, your kids borrow the device and then it really needs a nice cleaning.

With this as background, I must admit that I was excited to try out the microfiber screen cleaning cloth from Cloth Addiction. They were nice enough to send me some clothes so I could try them out.

When I first got them, I took it straight to my cell phone, TV screen and monitor. To be honest I was a little disappointed at first. Then, I saw the recommendation to dampen the cloth a little bit. I got it slightly damp and then I saw the results that I thought I’d see the first time. Cleaned the grease streaks and smudges right off.

My favorite part of the micro-fiber towel is that it didn’t leave all the cloth fibers behind. you know what I mean. You wipe something off with your shirt and it ends up dirtier after you wiped it off because your shirt left behind all those fibers. This micro-fiber cloth was great, because it didn’t leave any of those fibers behind.

Here’s a youtube video which shows the micro fiber cloth in action:

I was quite happy with this cloth. Much better than any other cloth that I’ve ever used. Plus, I think my wife loved the idea that I was cleaning up. I can see a lot of doctors carrying one of these around in their pocket to clean off their iPad or other Smart Phone.

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