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I must admit that I’m not much of a book guy. Especially since there’s so much free information available on the internet about just about any subject you could want. However, I’ve been quite intrigued by the number of healthcare IT related books that I’ve seen coming out of late. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the ones I’ve seen.

Getting to Meaningful Use and Beyond: A Guide for IT Staff in Health Care by Fred Trotter and David Uhlman – I’ve been a big fan of Fred Trotter for a while. So, I’m glad he’s working on this book. Turns out the book isn’t even published, but in Fred Trotter open source style fashion, the book is available for free online right now. Of course, they’re hoping you’ll provide feedback.

The HITECH Act Made Easy: A Simple Guide to the Federal EHR Incentive Programs – I had this book sent to me. It’s a short book which I think is good. It tries to tackle not only the details of the Medicaid and Medicare stimulus program, but also has a number of sections on EHR selection and implementation as well. I love it’s question format where many of the chapters are a question and the chapter offers the answer.

Health Information Exchange Formation Guide: The Authoritative Guide for Planning and Forming an HIE in Your State, Region or Community – I haven’t really had a chance to dig into this book yet. It’s brought to you by HIMSS. It’s a pretty thick book which I think describes well the challenge that is forming an HIE. Without reading the book, I’m a little torn just by the subtitle of the book, “The Authoritative Guide for Planning and Forming an HIE in your State, Region or Community.” I guess it’s hard for me to imagine it being the “authoritative guide” when I think we’re still trying to figure out the right HIE business model. I don’t think we’ve found it yet. I guess I should read the book to find out.

Jim Tate’s EHR Incentive Roadmap – Ok, this is an e-Book, but I think it’s as good a value as any hard cover book. So, it’s worth mentioning. I wrote a whole post on Jim Tate’s EHR Incentive book before.

Any other books about EMR, Meaningful Use, and/or healthcare IT that are out that we should know about?

UPDATE: User EHR and Meaningful Use Recommendations from the comments below:
Electronic Health Records For Dummies – Recommended by Nate Osit

Electronic Health Records: Transforming Your Medical Practice, second edition – “This is a book from MGMA and was recommended to me by a coordinator from the REC (Ohio) that I have been shadowing.” – Mary Ellen Weber

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John Lynn

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  • Hi Everyone,
    I’m currently enrolled in HIT and studying Healthcare Informatics at UCSD. Additionally, working in the healthcare sector for over 10 years as an Clinical Consultant. I am learning all aspects of Healthcare Network Admin./Network Securities, and well versed in all other aspects of Healthcare Informatics, eCTD, electronic based EHR, and CO-OP applications to streamline HIT services. I’m looking forward to applying these skills to companies needing advancements in technology based healthcare solutions.

    San Diego, CA

  • Is there anywhere a system developer can find out what the needs and problems are for healh IT?

    I’d like to come up with some answers. But, I don’t know where to find out what the problems are.

  • I would recommend Electronic Health Records: Transforming Your Medical Practice, second edition. This is a book from MGMA and was recommended to me by a coordinator from the REC (Ohio) that I have been shadowing. I enjoy your blogs and I have learned lots, however I have been doubtful about gainful employment when I complete my certification of the Health IT curriculum. I can’t even fine anywhere to intern or work for free. I emailed all 5 preferred vendors. Keep up the great information!

  • Mary- I would also recommend getting involved in Open Source Health IT projects. OpenMRS, GNUmed, Direct Project, and many others are a great jumping points!

    You can also participate in ONC meeting webcasts, HL7 committees, and the S&I framework meetings. Lots of places to gain experience!

  • The AMA has a book – EHR Implementation. The second edition is expected in December 2011. It is designed for the small to mid-sized practice. It is a guide to help consultants, administrators and physicians navigate the evaluation, selection, negotiation and culture management transistion to the electronic enviornment. Written by Carolyn Hartley and Edward D. Jones, III, both with extensive knowledge in the field of EHRs.

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