Some Changes to EMR and EHR Advertising

As I like to do every couple months, I like to make mention of some of the new advertisers to EMR and EHR and recognize the previous advertisers that continue to renew. Plus, there have been some interesting changes to advertising on EMR and EHR that are worth highlighting.

The blog network is now 14 blogs strong and EMR and EHR is one of the pillars of the network. EMR and EHR has seen some great growth and recorded its best month ever last month. Woot! Thanks to all of you for reading and participating in the comments as well.

In order to handle the growth of EMR and EHR and the Healthcare Scene Blog network in general, I decided to modify how I handled advertising on the site and start rotating all of the ads on EMR and EHR. That way there would be equal exposure for all advertisers on the site including new advertisers. It would also keep the site fresh for readers. Plus, as part of the change, I implemented an ad server to deliver the ads on the site.

The ad server is really exciting, because it will open up a lot of new options like geo-targeted ads (which many people have wanted) and also possibly delivering ads on a CPC (click) or CPM (impression) basis instead of the flat monthly rate that we do now. That will allow advertisers to work with a more limited budget if they can’t pay the full monthly rate. Not to mention, the ad server will be able to provide advertisers more details stats on their EMR and healthcare IT ad campaigns.

If you have more questions about the changes and EMR and EHR advertising options, you can ask on the EMR and EHR contact us page.

Now on to the new EMR and EHR online advertisers.

Quest-Medplus-Care360 EHR – I’m really excited to have Care360 as an advertiser on EMR and EHR. I’ve written quite a few times about the Care360 EHR by Quest (yes, the big lab company). I find their model and approach really interesting for an EHR company. Plus, I know they are really focused in their EHR marketing efforts and so I’m glad that they saw value in advertising on EMR and EHR. If you’re a Quest customer already, it’s really a simple decision to check out the Care360 EHR. You already have a login, they just have to activate the EHR portion. All the SaaS EHR fans out there will love their completely web based approach as well.

Amazing Charts – I love the story of how Amazing Charts became an advertiser, but I’ll save that for another time. Started by a Family Practice Physician in 2001, they’ve been around for quite a while. I’ve heard many people comment on Amazing Charts being one of the most affordable EHR software out there. Plus, with their Free EHR trial it’s easy for doctors to try it out and see if it fits with their EHR needs.

A big thanks to the slew of advertisers that renewed their ad on EMR and EHR. It’s always an honor when they say they want to renew. Thanks Practice Fusion, MxSecure, Mitochon Systems, Nuesoft, Medical Web Experts, and SequelMed.

Tomorrow I have plans to start a new EMR and EHR series. I think it’s a series that many of you are going to really enjoy!

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • Agree about Amazing Charts. I like their pricing points, very reasonable for the small doctor’s office and LOVE that they allow a trial period, which I think all companies should allow.

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