Stanford Professor Discusses the Future of Technology in Healthcare at TEDxMaastricht

Smart Phone Health Care is all about technology in healthcare.  The amazing things that we can do with our phones.  The cool apps we can download.  The amazing little gadgets that we can buy.  All of the little things that can make life more fun, more healthy, and hopefully longer.

While doing research for one of our other blogs, EHR and EMR Videos, I came across a great video from the TEDx series.  TED talks are something I was very familiar with, and utterly enjoy.  TEDx was new to me, but is essentially the same idea just available on a broader and more local scale.  The topics are equally important, and the speakers are equally entertaining.

The talk was given by Daniel Kraft who is a professor at Stanford during TEDxMaastricht.  He really does a fantastic job of hitting on a whole lot of areas of healthcare, and how technology is making so much more possible than we ever had before.

Rather than rehash everything I have already written I will simply direct you to my other post which can be found here. I highly encourage you to take a look at the video as it will completely blow your mind with the technology that already exists and how it is going to change the way that billions of people live their lives now and in the future.

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