BioHarness Body Area Network Now Embedded with AT&T 3G/4G

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There are so many apps and trackers and gadgets out there that it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what is worth having and what is not.  The backing of AT&T should give some insight into the power of the Zephyr Technologies BioHarness™ Body Area Network.

This is not the first time we have written about this amazing technology.  One of our most popular articles was about the Under Armour Biometric Health Data Collection Shirt.  This shirt has been used at places like the NFL combine to track athlete performance.  In the past it utilized bluetooth to transmit information to its targets, but this new deal with AT&T will allow information to be transmitted directly to a physician or other health provider.

One of the most interesting applications that was mentioned in the article was medics being able to track military personnel on-demand across the wireless network.  Being a member of the military myself I have seen numerous situations where this technology could have been used to improve healthcare, and in some cases, save lives.

In terms of the company itself, this technology could be so widely applied that they have definitely positioned themselves for great success.  In the past, the weakness of this technology was their mobile app that was used on smartphones.  With the embedding of 3G, and eventually 4G, technology, they may have eliminated this weakness and created an even more amazing tool.

One of the weaknesses mentioned in our previous article was the cost of these devices.  That will likely not be a huge deal when it comes to professional sports or the military, but for the everyday person it must be cost effective.  It will be interesting to see how this new technology will affect an already pricey piece of equipment, but it can definitely provide very valuable information.