MCR GLOBAL Announces Strategic Alliance with Medisafari

MCR GLOBAL, Inc. announced today their strategic alliance with Medisafari, a health care provider in Johannesburg, South Africa. MCR GLOBAL, Inc. in partnership with Medisafari will launch a mobile health technology solution beginning August 1st, 2011. Initial online registration is expected to reach over 1,000 then grow exponentially throughout the other regions of Africa. Dr Margaret Mojapelo, MD, President of Medisafari and MCR Africa stated, “This innovative wireless technology will revolutionize and redefine emergency medical response in Africa”

The innovation is called, mycrisisrecords™ and this wireless technology consist of several integrated and seamless products and services that include: *a universal web app,* a remote digital device, * a printable online Crisis Card and *a 24/7 On Demand Crisis Response Transmittal Service™.

What is remarkable is the capability to transmit (secure data exchange) vital medical data at the scene during a personal medical emergency or disaster event anywhere, anytime. What is even more amazing is the ability for emergency room health care providers to have access to vital medical data BEFORE the patient arrives in the emergency room!

Countless lives are lost and hundreds of thousands of adverse events occur annually in the emergency rooms because doctors do not have the life saving health record. MCR Africa’s mission is to avoid these unnecessary adverse events, save lives and reduce medical expenses.

Dr Mojapelo will lead Market Operations ‘go-to-market’ strategy. This strategy will take new products and services to customers in other parts of Africa with speed and efficiency and will also oversee Consumer Business Operations. Dr Mojapelo said,” The system is patient centric and patients’ well being is at the core of our business strategy. We intend to have a profound and lasting positive impact on treatment outcomes. This innovation has dramatically shifted the focus of emergency medical services from a reactive to a proactive model while placing the patient in a meaningful and central role. This integrated patient centric model is ranked among the world’s first and best innovative emergency response system of modern times.”

MCR Africa business unit will comprehensively service the local and regional consumers with 24/7 Call Centre and daytime Customer Service via the secure web site at: The USA web site and secure server is at:

Chairman of MCR Africa, Gerald A Theis said, other emerging products and services will be introduced to the market space once our core product has been fully operational throughout Africa. “We are very passionate and excited about the launch of MCR Africa with Medisafari, a reputable and strong health care partner. Together we will achieve our mission to save lives, avoid medical errors, unnecessary expenses and empower the citizens of Africa with the most progressive mobile technology available anywhere anytime.”