Scribes STAT to Provide Certified Medical Scribes to The Vancouver Clinic for EMR Implementation Tutoring

Lake Oswego, Oregon – June 28th, 2011 Scribes STAT, Inc., announced a contract with The Vancouver Clinic for electronic medical record (EMR) implementation support. Tutors will be deployed to support physicians with training on the new (EMR) system from Epic Systems Corporation.

Scribes STAT’s services have expanded beyond delivering real-time electronic medical records for physicians. An additional service has been developed to support and assist hospitals and physicians by providing medical scribe tutors during EMR implementation.

Tutors help physicians navigate the ins and outs of these complex systems from the moment they are introduced to the hospital. This has proven to be a very successful model for hospitals on both an efficiency and cost-savings standpoint. Tutors help hospitals and clinics avoid the typical 50% drop in production with the introduction of a new EMR. Scribes STAT tutors are stationed throughout the in-patient units and clinics to offer immediate support at the workstations to physicians and nursing staff.

Scribes STAT has assured a successful transition to the Epic EMR system throughout Legacy Health Systems. They are now being contracted by The Vancouver Clinic to assure optimum efficiency with the already existing Epic Systems EMR. Being on the cutting edge, The Vancouver Clinic wants to assure its physicians and clients they understand the benefits that electronic medical records can offer. As Dr. Kathleen Myers advised, “You can never have too much training with a new EMR. Ideally tutors should be on staff to assist hospitals for the first year during the implementation and rollout.”

About Scribes STAT

Scribes STAT is the premier provider of certified medical scribes who deliver accurate, real-time electronic medical records for emergency physicians and targeted specialty physicians resulting in improved physician efficiency, increased patient satisfaction, and timely and complete insurance billing. Services also include electronic medical record tutoring and support during implementation. Scribes STAT is currently operating in Oregon and Washington in the Legacy Health System and The Vancouver Clinic as well as medical clinics in the region. Scribes STAT is seeking national partnerships in order to expand EMR implementation services beyond the NW region. For more information, please visit:

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  • Thank you for sharing this information! A lot of medical professionals sturggle with the implementation of EMRs and/or other new healthcare technologies. The negative perceptions associated with healthcare IT primarily stem from these initial struggles, which can lead to a loss in productivity for the first few months. I believe this additional help and service will minimize the risks involved in changing from paper to electronic processes. Great Post!

  • Scribes? This is called at the elbow support! Yes, this is where we fail the medical and clinical users most of the time and where most of the frustration lies with implementations. The get it up and get it out mentally doesn’t offer much planning for excellent training or committed support as we roll out these implementations one right behind the other.

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