Microscopic Pictures Through Cell Phones Now Possible Through CellScope

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Yet another amazing technology has been developed because of the desire to improve healthcare in Africa.  This amazing microscope allows a cell phone to take pictures of microscopic images that can then be shared anywhere that has access to the internet.

The idea of medical photo sharing is nothing new as there are multiple apps that provide this service.  What makes this app truly impressive is that it allows doctors to take pictures at the microscopic level that can then be shared across thousands of miles.

In the past it would have been necessary to send the sample across those thousands of miles to get an accurate assessment.  In many cases this is not only difficult but in some cases impossible.  The samples simply cannot last that long.  With the added time and distance it is also incredibly likely for samples to be compromised, or lost all together.

This new development would allow a doctor who stumbles across an outbreak in a small village to get a rapid response as to what may be going on and be able to treat it, or maybe even prevent a greater outbreak.  This could save numerous lives in every country of the world.

It is currently only available on the iPhone but could easily be converted to other platforms in the future.