Lots of Investment in Healthcare IT

There’s been a ton of interesting news about investment in healthcare IT lately. Much of what I’m seeing is happening in the mobile health space. No doubt mobile health is a really exciting market right now and I think it’s also really exciting because the cost to develop a mobile health app these days is so low.

Here are some interesting investment groups, incubators, etc that are focusing on healthcare IT:
Healthbox – A leading venture capital firm and incubator for startup companies launched Healthbox to focus exclusively on the healthcare industry. They offer $50,000 in seed capital, along with standard incubator services (office, mentor/leaders, etc) and are based out of Chicago. The program will culminate in an investor’s day (I might have to get Neil Versel to attend the investor’s day).

Rock Health – Another startup seed-accelerator program that offers $20,000 along with mentorship and office space for 5 months. It just started this month in San Francisco and has connections to a lot of the major players in healthcare.

Blueprint Health – A startup accelerator based in New York City. It provides $20,000 of seed capital along with mentorship and a work environment to be able to build your idea. They’re initially planning for 10 companies.

Startup Health – This isn’t an investment vehicle yet, but I could see it becoming one very quickly. It’s part of the Startup America Partnership and has some big names like Time Warner Chairman and CEO, Steve Krein, Esther Dyson, and the founders of Health 2.0 Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya.

I’m guessing that there are even more programs that I’m missing. I’d love to learn about others in the comments as well. Either way, it’s exciting to see all this investment happening in healthcare applications.

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John Lynn

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  • We’re looking for a venture philantropist to help us startup and develop a suite of Alzheimer’s caregiver applications for smartphones and tablets like the iPad. We’re located in St George, Utah- a thriving retirement community where we intend to set up iAgeWell Lab for focus groups and user testing of our mHealth and wellness apps in the future.

  • A venture philanthropist huh? I assume that’s along the same lines as a social entrepreneur? If you have some good ideas, why not start a business? Even if it does something for the common good as well?

    I know St. George very well. Was there last weekend. I live in Las Vegas. Too bad I just got this, or I’d suggest you attend Startup Weekend Las Vegas: http://lasvegas.startupweekend.org/ Then, you could actually have some of your ideas built in a weekend.

  • Google Shuts Down Medical Records And Health Data Platform
    “Google is shutting down Google Health, which enables you to store and manage all your health information in one place on the Web. Google says the platform simply wasn’t having the ‘broad impact’ necessary to sustain the product.”

  • I find it amazing this industry’s full speed approach to IT when we’re witnessing is so much risk and failure. Everyone seems to be saying let’s just rush this idea and get there, and then we’ll fix and deal with the consequences later. Has there ever been a time when a whole industry moved with such excitement and disregard for the security?
    There must be such a huge amount of power to be had contained with our health records that risk doesn’t really matter? The experience of IT thus far screams SLOWDOWN, but momentum has completely removed any ability for control…this train will not be easily slowed regardless of the danger(s) ahead!
    I guess all we can do is hang on and hope it ends well…there are far too many questions, and not enough answers.

  • When have enterprising entrepreneurs ever been concerned with the idea of slow down?

    That said, I think there are a number of doctors who have slowed down as you describe.

  • Yes, slow down Meditech! That hasty switch to a graphical user interface took me by surprise!

    Now the only thing slowing down is my productivity.

  • You jest about entrepreneurs…I’m just saying, it appears this whole industry is not taking seriously their responsibility concerning PHI.
    This will be embarrassing and very expensive when discloser of non-compliance start surfacing and penalties for such are levied.

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