David R. Strand Joins the LifeNexus Board of Directors

Strand to Take Lead as Chief Executive Officer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 14, 2011 – LifeNexus, the developer of the iChip™ and Personal Health Card®, today announced the appointment of David R. Strand as Executive Member of   the LifeNexus Board of Directors.   The Company also announced that Mr. Strand will be appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company upon completion of the Company’s next round of financing.

David R. Strand has spent more than 30 years providing executive leadership to some of the nation’s leading health care institutions.  Mr. Strand most recently served as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ExperiaHealth, one of the nation’s first patient experience improvement companies, which was acquired by Vocera Communications, Inc. at the end of 2010. Mr. Strand previously served as Chief Operating Officer for the Cleveland Clinic, a $5.2B academic medical center.  He has also served in senior executive roles with other leading health services organizations, including CEO of LifeMasters, a venture-backed disease management company; COO of Allina Health System, a $2.6B integrated health system; and CEO of Medica, one of the nation’s largest health plans.

“David’s business and health care background, his track record of success, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and his life-long dedication to insuring the health care system serves the needs of consumers and patients is a perfect fit for LifeNexus,” stated Christopher Maus, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  “LifeNexus was founded based on a belief that giving individuals direct control over their health information would lead to improved quality of care, improved safety and an improved health care experience.  David shares that belief, making him an ideal choice to take the lead as LifeNexus helps move health care into the 21st century.”

“I’m thrilled to be joining the LifeNexus team,” commented Mr. Strand. “Throughout my career I have worked toward the day when consumers and patients are truly in control of their care and where consumers and patients needs come first.    With LifeNexus’ Personal Health Card, that day has come.”  Strand continued, “The Personal Health Card is going to be a real game changer.  The simple act of giving patients control of their health information will make the health care system easier to navigate, safer and will lead to better and more cost effective care.  This is going to be a winner for everyone–consumers, patients and the medical professionals entrusted with providing their care.”

About LifeNexus, Inc.

LifeNexus introduces a new era in portable health records with the Personal Health Card®.  This technology was designed specifically for maintaining an individual’s Personal Health Record (PHR) on a card in their wallet.  The patented iChip™, “Individually Controlled Health Information Platform™,” utilizes  mobile server  technology to securely store critical information including prescriptions, medical history, allergies, insurance data, emergency contacts, physician notes, as well as other key information. Individuals authorize access to critical information at the time and point of need.  With sensitive information securely encrypted, password protected and “Off-the-Web” the consumer is in absolute control with the iChip. Now individuals can manage their personal health information and at their choice, the iChip can be applied to payment cards, conveniently making general day-to-day purchases on the same card.

For more about LifeNexus visit www.personalhealthcard.com