iMuscle: An App Designed for Targeted Muscle Workouts

There is no shortage of workout aid apps out there, and they all have their good and bad sides.  Some apps even have little personal trainers to help guide you through the exercises.  iMuscle stands out from the rest because of the ability to target certain muscle groups.

Now that may not sound very special, but the way they do it is pretty cool.  You can actually click on an image of the human body for the specific muscles you want to work, and then it demonstrates the exercises ensuring proper form.

This app also has an incredibly widespread target market as it can be used by everyday people, but can also be used by medical professionals such as physiotherapists for helping patients rehab muscle injuries.

For more information, and some pretty incredible screenshots, please visit the app website.

There is currently an online flash version, as well as an iPhone version that can be bought at the App Store.