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To kick things off on the Hospital EHR and EMR blog, I decided I’d do a Google search for the term “hospital EHR.” I thought it would be fun to see what Google lists as the top resources online for hospital EHR software. I must admit that I’m mostly disappointed with the result.

There was a “Hospital EHR Adoption Database” for $3550. Sounds like a great deal, but I think HIStalk was putting out the info they had for free. At least that resource was from 2011 along with a couple KevinMD blog posts about hospital EHR. One of which was very recent. I guess Google’s rewarding it for being so recent.

I won’t go over all of the links. Some required a registration which I didn’t want to do. Others were from 2007 or talking about the hospital EHR certification being open for public comment. I did like this post by Fred Trotter about “What does it mean to have a hospital EHR?” That article is a little dated too, but I always love Fred’s in your face style of writing. He calls it the way he sees it and I love that about him.

I also have to admit that I was happy (and a bit surprised) that had the category for Hospital EHR posts listed 10th on the Hospital EHR search as well. That’s particularly interesting, because I just created that category on about 10 minutes before I did the search.

What’s probably more interesting is the EHR vendors and other EHR related companies that are advertising for the keyword Hospital EHR. Here’s a list of the EHR vendors that came up with my search:
Clear Practice
Athena Health
Care 360 (Quest Diagnostics)
Practice Fusion

Pretty interesting list of “Hospital EHR.” Ok, I am being facetious. How many of those even have a hospital EHR software? Allscripts does. I think Athena Health and eClinicalWorks have some services for hospitals, but they don’t really get in the hospital EHR space. I think they are interested in the ACO stuff which is what the Athena Health ad was really about. I do find it interesting that none of the major hospital EHR software vendors are doing advertising on Google. Plus, it seems that some of the ambulatory EHR companies might want to work on their Google Ads targeting.

There were also 3 “EMR List” websites that had paid ads on there as well:
EMR Consultant
Business Software EMR List

Then, it made sense why Accenture would want to sell their hospital EHR consulting services. I’m not sure what Bio Visual Tech is, but it was on there as well.

There you go. Now we’ve got this blog kicked off. It’s taken a while to get this blog started, but now we’re ready to go. In fact, I have 3 other writers that are planning to write on this blog. So, check back often to see the latest and greatest info on hospital EHR software.

If you have any must read resources and/or perspectives on the hospital EHR world, please do share them in the comments.

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