Skimble: A Fitness Tracker and Personal Trainer

Last week I wrote about the RockHealth Competition that chose a select group of developers to participate in an intense development program to help improve healthcare apps.  One of these companies is Skimble who offers one app that is not entirely groundbreaking, and a second that is a little more intriguing.

The first app is a GPS Sports Tracker that monitors your sporting activities so that you have a better idea of how you are exercising and what type of progress you may be making.  There are tons of apps out there with a similar purpose, but something that makes this one unique is the sheer number of sports it tracks.  They support over 45 sports to include snorkeling, ping pong, and badminton.  They also track just about any team or individual sport you can think of.

The other app is a virtual workout trainer that actually looks pretty cool.  There are all kinds of workouts you can download.  From simple home workouts to actual weightlifting in a gym, it runs the full spectrum of workouts.  There are some workouts that are free and others that require a membership, but at $9.99 for a whole year, they are substantially more reasonable than a gym.  The app tracks your workouts and ensures that you are performing the right exercises to achieve your goals.  All in all it looks like a worthwhile app amongst a whole lot of worthless stuff.

Both apps are for the iPhone and iPad and can be found on the iTunes store.

Looking at the quality of these two apps it is easy to see why these developers would be selected to really move to the forefront of health app development.  It will be exciting to see what else they will offer in the future.