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As any reader of this blog would know, there may be more EMR rankings out there than there are EMRs themselves. Of course, some lists are taken more seriously than others — KLAS comes to mind — but these days, with the money flowing, virtually everyone who can make a PDF is dipping an oar into the EMR ranking game.

The following list, from a a site called, is particularly cute in that it would appear to be entirely bought and paid for by vendors — there’s nary a critical analysis to be found in the paper.  (Most of the lists I’ve seen at least pretend to be neutral.)

That being said, I still thought it might stimulate conversation among us to share the list.  I’d love to hear whether you think has provided any value here, and whether you’ve had particularly good (or bad) experiences with listed EMR sellers.

Here’s’s list, seemingly in no particular order. Where available there’s a link to get a demo/price quote from the vendors on the list courtesy of Medical Software Advice.

* AdvancedMD: Provides Web-based practice management, medical billing and scheduling software as well as an EMR. Includes a patient portal, e-prescribing and mobile access option.

*  Allscripts: Offers EHRs, practice management, revenue cycle management, document management, e-prescribing. Focuses on emergency department and care management systems for hospitals. Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo

* Greenway: Offers EHR, integrated with practice management system, along with a database integrating clinical, financial and administrative data. Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo

* Sage: Products include practice management, EHR, document and image management and point-of-care documentation.

* Aprima: Company offers EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management products, all aimed at medical practices. Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo

* Kareo: Focuses on small medical practices. Key products include Web-based EHR, medical billing and practice management offerings.

* Abraxas Medical Solutions: Sells unified EMR and practice management solution. Product is powered by a single Microsoft-SQL database.

* Celerity Solutions Group: Provides EHR conversion and systems integration solutions to both large and small medical practices.

* NextGen Healthcare: Offers a very wide range of products, including EHRs for physicians, hospitals, health centers and healthcare providers, as well as practice management and financial management systems, HIE and patient portal options. Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo

* meridianEMR: EMR focused specifically on urology specialists, as well as a product aimed at general surgery.

What bothers me about this list, by the by, is that while it’s almost certainly a series of advertisements, that’s not marked anywhere.

While physicians aren’t dummies by any means, my guess is that some might get sucked in by any list that says “top” in it if they’re feeling desperate enough.  Here’s hoping physicians catch on to the bias here.

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Anne Zieger

Anne Zieger

Anne Zieger is a healthcare journalist who has written about the industry for 30 years. Her work has appeared in all of the leading healthcare industry publications, and she's served as editor in chief of several healthcare B2B sites.


  • Katherine – It looks like the web site you’re referencing has hundreds of top 10 lists where EMR is just one. The list itself is garbage (based on what you’ve copied on the blog, I didn’t sign up with them to see what else is there) and in my opinion not worth the time I’m spending on it as well as your time… but I guess we both just did and I even visited their web site.
    In future, I would love to hear your and other’s thoughts about more “used” lists such as KLAS.

  • Seems like a front runner is missing from this list! Practice Fusion, a free, web-based EMR just received full certification and the best part is that they’re free! Doctors can literally pocket up to 44k in incentives just by using the product.

  • Aprima, formerly Imedica, Has a problem with Customer service, It is a decent program but when problems are encountered, They as slow to respond, any suggestions on how motivate a company to take care of their clients?

  • Doug,
    It’s a good question. My favorite way is to tell your story on a public forum. EMR vendors hate to get any negative press. So, if you tell a story with the facts of your experience (keep the emotion out of it), then most EMR vendors when they see it will work really hard to resolve your concern in a satisfactory way.

    Of course, this should really only be used as a last resort. You should make a reasonable and sincere effort to work through their proper support channels, but if and when they don’t respond there’s nothing like a public explanation of your experience to get a company to see how they can improve their support.

  • I feel that Aprima’s customer service has improved. They knew they had a problem and seem to be actively improving the situation. My practice likes the flexibility and ease of use of the system and we do not have alot of issues. Part of getting good customer service is developing a personal relationship with the organization, your VAR or sales rep.

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