The Effect of Dropping an iPad

This is a little off topic, but not really since the iPad craze in healthcare is so big. Because of this fact, I was quite interested in this video I found which tests out what would happen if an iPad was dropped. They actually drop 2 iPads. One with a smart case and one without a case. They start off first dropping it from waist level and then shoulder level.

Yes, this is a little hard to watch a2 perfectly good iPads get destroyed, but it is interesting to see what might happen if a doctor were to drop their iPad on their rounds.

Yes, it is worth noting that it’s unlikely that the iPad would drop straight on its face like in this video. It’s also worth saying that there are even more durable cases available for those that are concerned about iPad’s being dropped. Although, I have to admit that I’m amazed that the Smart Case did as well as it did after being dropped.

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  • Had to LOL at the golf clubbing test, especially since it’s such a bad “doctor” stereotype. What is it with golf and the public’s perception of doctors? And yes, that does say something about my golf skills. :0)

  • The golf club test was fun to watch. The video wasn’t actually intended for doctors. It was just the spin that I took on the video. The video was actually created to try and get people to buy warranties on their iPad’s. That’s what the company that made it does.

    You’re not a golfer? I’m not really either, but my wife got me some clubs for Christmas and I’ve been a couple times since. I do enjoy hacking away at a few balls. If I had more time and money, I’m sure I’d really enjoy it.

  • Aside from just dropping an iPad there are other possible risks that come with them. What about if a doctor misplaces one or it gets hacked into? Like you said, not probably on a day to day basis, but something to think about!


  • Danelle,
    There are certainly other risks. Although, most iPad EMR software doesn’t store PHI locally. It’s all stored on the server and just accessed from the iPad. Add in some other technology for tracking and securing the iPad and it’s a pretty safe solution in that regard.

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