Using PIMSY EMR on an iPad and Android Device

One of the regular EMR and EHR readers, Judy, recently took up the challenge I posed in my previous post about Every EMR Vendor available on the iPad. She downloaded the LogMeIn Ignition app that I mentioned in that post and tried out her PIMSY EMR software on it. Thanks to Judy for sharing her experience.

The following is her experience and review.

I tested the new LogMeIn app to see if I could access PIMSY EMR from my older Droid and from an iPad. It takes a little getting used to: you have to familiarize yourself with how to navigate on the screen and how to change the size to get the screen view that works for you. Once you get that done you are good to go. That said, there are 2 ways to change the size: a magnifying option at the bottom of the screen or a zoom in bar on the right hand side; you can enlarge as much as needed. There are also 2 options for moving around: you can move the screen with your finger (the cursor stays put) or you can move the cursor like a regular mouse; I prefer navigating around the cursor. Both options make it simple to maneuver.

If you’re used to texting and typing on a smaller keyboard, it will be easier to adjust. The app itself gives you a keyboard that takes up approximately half the size of the screen, so larger phone screens like Droid 2 or iPhone would have a bigger keyboard than a regular Droid, and the iPhone keyboard was comparable to a regular size. For those who aren’t used to navigating and typing on a phone screen, there will be an adjustment period. If you’re connected to dual monitors, you can easily switch to either one, and I was able to watch a video.

The speed is slightly slower from phone or iPad to computer but very good from computer to computer. The app is not offered on a Blackberry. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to connect to their desktop remotely; it worked great to get into PIMSY. Well worth $29.99.

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