CDC Flu App Challenge Submission: Child Flu HQ

About a month ago I wrote about the CDC Flu App Challenge which encouraged developers to use all of the new technology out there to develop an app that helped educate people on flu prevention and treatment.  The competition stopped accepting submissions last week, but I found one of the submissions that looks interesting.  From their submission website:

Child Flu HQ is a mobile application designed help keep parents educated and informed on the best ways to keep their children away from the flu. The applications, available on iTunes and the Android market (coming soon), are focused on pediatric flu education, and allow parents to personalize the application to their specific child.  Child Flu HQ then sends regular reminders and information to the parent with push notifications.  Information is directed to the parent from both physician resources as well as from the CDC.  The app also addressed the need of the physician who is confronted with a child with possible influenza. The App uses the CDC RSS Feed of Influenza updates, as well as the RSS Feed of Influenza podcasts.  Additionally, the App intends to use some CDC video content as well.

You can also find screenshots on the above website.