Healthcare IT and Active Patient Care – EMR and HIPAA Video Series

The following is the fourth video in my inaugural run of EMR and Healthcare IT related videos. In this video I talk about some of the ways healthcare IT can help a patient be more active in their care. I’m sure there’s a number of e-Patients out there that can hop in and add a lot more to the discussion I start in this video. I must admit that as a relatively healthy individual I have a hard time really getting into the active patient (e-Patient if you like). However, I love the idea of patients being respectfully involved in their patient care.

The following video is in response to this question:
How can Healthcare IT help patients take a more active role in their care?

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • The real question here is: How many patients actually want an active role in their care?

    Over time this will change, I think, but just because a patient now has electronic access to their records, doesn’t mean they now are interested in what their records say.

    While in the military I was a pilot, and as a pilot you are interested in every single item in your medical records. After 10 years, my records were about 3 inches thick. But every year, after my physical, I reviewed everything being put in.

    There is a very small percentage of people that care that much about their medical records…how many people even get a physical every year?

    The idea that medical records going electronic are going to get patients more involved is a bit of a stretch.

    I say all of this as a tech guy who thinks going electronic is a good idea. I think people in the health industry are trying to make themselves feel good about this, giving patients more access to their records, but really I don’t think it will change patient involvement that much.

  • John,
    Well said. Although there is a vocal group of patients that do have an interest in their records and I expect this will continue to increase over time.

  • This is about the fourth video I’ve watched, and my thoughts are about the best media type for what you are trying to accomplish. Have you thought about doing web interviews with your colleagues using BlogTalkRadio? I heard a show in which interviews occured between two or more people by phone or maybe Skype, and it appeared to work beautifully. You could have a series of interviews and topics. You could even try a merger of video and do something like you see on CNN News where the reporter is out in the field talking back to the anchor at the station. That would be very cool.

  • Healthcare IT is transforming the healthcare industry. It has to play a crucial role in patient safety, quality of service and revenues.

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