EXTENSION, INC. Launches New Interactive Communications Solution

Device Messaging connects clinicians quickly, quietly and securely


FORT WAYNE, Ind. — May 25, 2011 — (BUSINESS WIRE) — EXTENSION, INC. announced that it has expanded its suite of solution offerings to include Device Messaging as a standalone solution.  “We have identified a need for marrying the corporate phone systems in healthcare that nurses typically use, with the smartphone platforms utilized by physicians for more efficient communication,” said Todd Plesko, CEO of EXTENSION.  “Most of us use text messaging in our daily lives – EXTENSION enables clinicians to securely emulate this functionality on their hospital’s communications network.”

EXTENSION Device Messaging includes the following features and benefits:

  • Non-SMS text-based messaging
  • Individual or Group Messaging/Texting
  • Pre-defined or Custom Messaging/Texting
  • Interactive Messaging – instant, two-way communication
  • Message/Text Forwarding
  • Intuitive, easily manageable interface
  • HIPAA-compliancy – authentication, encryption and logging

Device Messaging addresses a number of common complaints among providers of health services, primarily: the ability to quickly locate another clinician treating the same patient, the ability to contact another clinician via text without worrying that protected health information (PHI) is being shared in violation of federal law, and the ability to connect with another health care provider without disturbing the healing environment of patients. EXTENSION Device Messaging uses native apps on the iPhone and Android platforms to allow for secure, logged and auditable messaging between clinicians.

Device Messaging is integral to the forward-looking medical facility that is seeking to replace outdated pagers with feature-rich devices. EXTENSION is also capable of delivering messages to ANY device including iPhone, Vocera badges, Android, and Cisco and Ascom handsets, which allows healthcare professionals to continue using the device that they are already comfortable with. EXTENSION, INC. is planning to release support for even more IP phone system devices and smartphones over the coming months.

According to Plesko, “What we take for granted in our personal lives – the ability to send a quick, text-based message to let someone know we are running late to an engagement; to let our significant other know we will pick up dinner; to let our children know what time we will pick them up from practice – should also be available to us in our professional lives. Healthcare professionals in particular have a pressing need to connect with each other quickly, but they must be able to do so without compromising sensitive patient information. EXTENSION enables them to do just that.”

Visit http://opentheredbox.com/messaging.php to learn more about Device Messaging and other EXTENSION enhanced communications solutions.

EXTENSION, INC. is based in Fort Wayne, IN and is the developer of the EXTENSION® Solution Suite (ESS). The EXTENSION Solution Suite of software expands Cisco Unified Communications, Vocera badges, Ascom handsets, Apple iPhones, or Android-based smart phones into clinical workflow tools automating notifications using text messages, phone calls, and emails, as well as turning the devices into user interfaces for clinical, administrative, and revenue cycle data. The result of combining the aforementioned endpoints and EXTENSION includes increased physician, management, and patient satisfaction, reduced cost and errors, immediate ROI, and increased revenues. EXTENSION tightly integrates any HL7-based or web services-based medical application or device with corporate telephony systems, smartphones and other common healthcare communication devices using standards-based protocols. EXTENSION earned the ‘Cisco Collaboration Partner of the Year for the US/Canada’ award at the 2010 Cisco Partner Summit. Visit the Apple AppStore to download a free demo of EXTENSION Mobile for HealthAlert  for Nurses and HealthAlert for Physicians.