EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT News Registers 100,000th Visitor

Who knew that something as simple as the news could be so powerful?  Maybe the hundreds of TV stations and newspapers across the world, but that is beside the point.

Major news sites cover everything under the sun, but we focus on one thing, healthcare IT.  For those of you that regularly view the site you know that we try and share the news in an unbiased way and you have responded by becoming regular viewers of our site.

This blog has been running for just about five months and just yesterday received its 100,000th page view.  That equates to about 85,000 visits to the website.  For a brand new, and rapidly growing, blog network, that is pretty impressive.  Keep in mind that we only cover the relatively small healthcare IT niche.

In our first week we had a whopping 163 views, but we are now averaging over 1,200 views a day.  That means we went from 163 a week to almost 9,000.

In the five months we have been sharing the news of healthcare IT we have shared 291 posts.  Considering that we are now over 100,000 page views, that means that each article averages almost 350 views.  That may not seem like a lot, but many of our more recent posts are averaging a whole lot more than that, some of them in the thousands.

With your continued support the future looks bright for emrandhipaa.com.  Not only do we appreciate your readership, but we would love to include your company’s news on our site.  Press releases and other news can be sent directly to our email: news@emrandhipaa.com.

If you would like to further discuss contributing to our site through news or advertising please feel free to contact us through the comments below or through the email above.

Thank you again for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing the future with you!

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