Google Health Appears to be Disappearing


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I think anytime you hear about Google struggling with something it causes you to at least slow down and think about it.  This is a company that has revolutionized so many things in technology.  They are so strong that Microsoft continues to be foiled in trying to compete in Google’s neighborhood.

Some may see this as a bad sign for the mHealth industry, but I really just think it shows how important it is to find your market and stick with it.  Obviously the people at Google know their business well, but that doesn’t mean they are experts at everything.

mHealth has tremendous potential, but like any other industry there are more people that fail than succeed.  It is also interesting that Google has continued to pursue this industry despite almost falling apart more than once.

They have not been shy to shutdown other ventures that have proven unsuccessful but their persistence in this area should show the value that they think it possesses.  This is definitely an industry that is only going to get bigger, and with the right tools will create many success stories.

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David Lynn

David Lynn


  • GH should have read the Merle Report that stated consumers are not trusting of commercial servers. Another deadly statisitc is the fact that only 7% use digital PHR. As an innovator of mobile health technology solutions, I believe GH was lacking not only common sense but creativity. Both are necessary to succeed in this m health market space. GH can only observe the missed opportunities and learn from innovators who will bring VAS to the global market space….

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