CDC Flu App Challenge: Win up to $15,000

Everyone hates getting the flu, and if you are anything like me you hate getting a flu shot even more.  Well now there is a way for you to make some money courtesy of the flu, and the CDC.  The Center for Disease Control is sponsoring a contest for people to develop an app that is, “an innovative use of technology to raise awareness of influenza and/or educate consumers on ways to prevent and treat the flu.

The contest is challenging participants to create new ways to use technology for the web, personal computers, mobile handheld devices, or any other platform broadly accessible to the open internet.  They will even provide the data for you from a list of websites that you can find here.

The winners can receive up to $15,000 cash as well as having their app featured on the CDC website. Submissions can be entered through the website below between April 6, 2011 and May 27, 2011.

For full contest details and to submit your entry please go to the contest website.