Healthcare Twitter Roundup

It’s that time again for a quick roundup of some interesting tweets happening out their in the wonderful twittersphere.!/Doctor_V/status/64113991093456896
This series of responses made me laugh. Mostly because my response was totally facetious (and just like me in real life). I wouldn’t have said it if it were true. 33 Charts is an amazing blog. Especially if you love social media and healthcare.!/Colin_Hung/status/64864986551427072
Since we’re talking social media and healthcare, this tweet seemed appropriate. I love when people say that they don’t like Twitter because they don’t care what someone ate today. My do people that say such things not understand the real power of social media. I sum it up by saying that Twitter is amazing at connecting people.!/janicemccallum/status/64713361245483008
Fine, if @ahier and @janicemccallum say I must read it I will. Although, I’ll actually book mark and and post about it later.!/erikpupo/status/64432354701213696
I’m a sucker for charts. These are quite interesting. At least if you care about the costs of healthcare and where the money is spent.!/EMRDailyNews/status/64414743049404416
I’m not sure if I’m ready to usher in the digital pen and paper technology as the path to meaningful use. Although, many of you will likely remember how much I enjoyed Shareable Ink when I first saw it.!/janicemccallum/status/64306955270893568
I’m not sure about the article, but I love the commentary on blogging. I love the comments on the blog. They definitely do a great job of balancing out and mistakes in my posts. Not that I’ve ever created a “biased post.” Not me;-)

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