Google to Launch Android Video Chat

One of the biggest features that Android phones just could not compete with iPhones was the ability to video chat through the phone itself.  It appears that Google is making their move into the realm of video chat.

This is a move that could help slow down the trend of doctors moving to iPhones though it will likely take further development of even more apps.  The ability to video chat on the iPhone has allowed doctors to talk directly to their patients and even provide consultations in some cases.  One group in the UK has been using video chat for just that purpose.

Their is one major advantage the new Android video chat would have, and that is the ability to chat with someone that is on a computer, not just other Android users.  This would greatly broaden the scope of use for this product.  Google has a knack for working their way into any market, and this appears to be one more area that they are really going to make their mark.

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