Scribes STAT Completes Financing to Accelerate Nationwide Expansion of Certified Medical Scribe Service

Portland, Oregon, April 26, 2011: Scribes STAT, Inc. announced the completion of an equity financing and the formation of the Board of Directors, which will be the subject of a separate announcement. Use of the proceeds will enable expansion into key markets nationwide.

Scribes STAT has already established operations in the Pacific Northwest and East Coast. “This financing will significantly accelerate our growth in delivering our unique medical scribe solution for the implementation of EMR’s into key markets,” stated Dr. Kathleen Myers, founder and CEO. “We’re excited about accelerating our growth and being part of the solution in enhancing America’s healthcare efficiency. We’re proud to offer certified medical scribes who allow physicians to practice medicine and focus on what they do best, patient care.”

About Scribes STAT, Inc.

Scribes STAT is the premier provider of certified medical scribes who deliver accurate, real-time electronic medical records for emergency physicians and targeted specialty physicians resulting in improved physician efficiency, increased patient satisfaction, and timely and complete insurance billing. Please visit us at for more information.