New GPS Tracking Bracelet Revolutionizes Healthcare Industry – Those With Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia And Other Cognitive Disorders Can Now More Easily And Effectively Avoid Wandering, Drowning And Possibly Death

The issue of wandering and resulting deaths is unnecessary.  Our new GPS tracking bracelet is revolutionizing the healthcare industry – Those with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia And Other Cognitive Disorders can now more easily and effectively avoid wandering, drowning and possibly death.  The bracelet enables family members and caregivers to better monitor and protect loved ones and individuals with cognitive disorders — and at a very low cost.  Adiant’s is the only solution endorsed by Jenny McCarthy’s autism foundation Generation Rescue.

Yes, there are other tracking devices available, but Adiant’s solution is the only one with true real-time tracking up to the second and within a few feet of the bracelet (wearer).  It features real-time tracking, geo-fencing, a g-force sensor, a panic button, a speed sensor.  It is perfect for people living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism and any other cognitive disorder, as well as for law enforcement agencies needing to track sex offenders or other predators.

New tracking bracelet enables family members and caregivers to better monitor and protect loved ones and individuals with cognitive disorders — and at a much lower cost!

Scottsdale, AZ – April 28, 2011 – Adiant Solutions, a leading distributor of GPS safety and tracking solutions, today announced that its S-911 tracking bracelet is generally available and families and caregivers of those with cognitive disorders can now rest easier knowing that their loved ones are wearing the only tracking bracelet that offers true real-time tracking with accuracy up-to-the-second and within several feet 24/7/365.

In addition to having the only true real-time tracking function, the S-911 is the only bracelet on the market that features customer controlled geo-fencing, two-way communication with automatic answering after three rings, a G-force sensor alert to detect falls, a speed sensor, a panic button in case of emergency and a watch.  All of this is contained in the small wristwatch style bracelet.

“We have seen many different tracking solutions over the years,” says Candace McDonald, executive director of Jenny McCarthy’s autism foundation Generation Rescue.  “The Adiant S-911 bracelet is a comprehensive device.  This product is something families should strongly consider if they are a caregiver of a child with autism or a person with another cognitive disorder that has a tendency to wander or run.  In our community wandering is a tremendous issue and it’s valuable to know there is a product that can help families in need.”

In 2010, at least nine children with autism died in the U.S. after wandering, all of them by drowning.  Already in 2011, at least three children with autism have drowned in the U.S. after wandering.  On March 30, a child with autism in Victoria, Australia died after being struck by a train.  He wandered from home.  On April 3, a child with autism in Quebec, Canada went missing after wandering and has not been found.

“Adiant Solutions is founded on the premise of helping people,” says Adiant founder and CEO Jim Jeselun.  “And the S-911 bracelet does just that.  It helps families and caregivers not only help the ones they love and care for, but the device enables them to lead happier and more productive lives because they always know that their loved one or responsibility is safe – and if they do wander they will be immediately notified and retrieve them without incident – and typically before they make it half way down the block!  If we can help one person avoid an unnecessary fate, we will have succeeded, but I feel we will help many, many people with this solution.”

If a person wearing an S-911 bracelet leaves or enters a designated geo-fenced area, the caregiver receives a text, an e-mail and a phone call to their pre-designated handheld device (cell phone/smart phone) within three seconds alerting them to the fact that the bracelet has compromised a geo-fence.  The alert gives them the location of the bracelet and they can either go to that location immediately, use the two-way communication feature and speak with the wearer or get on their personal website to track them and call someone or the police who may be closer to the person.

Laipac Technology, the global leader in the development and manufacturing of a world-class GPS location and tracking products, manufactures the S-911 bracelet.  Adiant Solutions is the sole distributor for Laipac Technology’s solutions in the United States.

About Adiant Solutions Founded in 2010, Adiant Solutions has emerged as an industry leader in the sale and distribution of GPS devices that protect people in their homes and preserve their dignity, independence and resources.  The company touts a growing roster of blue chip clients.  For more information, please visit

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David Lynn


  • 1. How much does it cost (urchase and operational costs)?
    2. Where can I get one?
    3. Is service provided for Canada?

  • I did a little of digging on their website and was unable to find an actual price. They do have a place on the website to contact them for more information and to discuss what solution would be best for you. Obviously this is a sales technique, but it may also be good to actually get the right product for your needs, as they offer a few different products. It also looks like their website is the best, if not the only, way to get their products. In terms of service in Canada, this is what the website says, “Adiant Solutions has the distribution rights to the United States and a global presence.” They list quite a few partners on their site so I am not sure if there are other distributors in other countries, but it does sound like it is available in other countries. The best bet for all of your questions appears to be to go to their website and get in contact with them.

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