“Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” with Jonathan Bush from AthenaHealth

When I got the request at HIMSS 11 to be able to sit down and talk with Jonathan Bush, CEO of AthenaHealth, I knew that I had to take it. Him and I had a very interesting conversation and he’s a fascinating individual since you never know what he might say next.

On that note, I decided that I better get Jonathan Bush on video at HIMSS. In fact, I think it might have been the only video I did at HIMSS. Although, once I saw how easy it was to upload this video from my phone, I might have to do more EMR related videos on the future. Although, I’ll probably need to hold it the other way.

Now to the video. The basic idea of “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” comes from the Sunday show that Chris Matthew’s does. In the segment, the people try and tell you something you probably don’t know. I decided to do the same with Jonathan Bush using the various buzzwords at HIMSS: meaningful use, ACOs, incentive money, and healthcare reform.

Video of Jonathan Bush at HIMSS 11
Sorry the video quality and ambient noise isn’t the best. It was on a cell phone in a crowded exhibit hall.

Side Note: If you like videos, let me know. I’m thinking about doing more of them. Possibly some Q and A style videos. If you are interested, drop a question in the comments and I can use them for a future video.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • I like the video, and the idea of adding more in the future. The question format in this one was different, but good, too.

  • Thanks Steve. I have to admit. It would be hard to not have a good interview with Johnathan Bush. He’s going to make whatever you ask interesting for the viewer.

    Glad to hear you’d like to see more video.

  • Agree with Steve completely. The video approach is what makes YouTube so addictive. More please! Only request: better resolution and sound. I had a hard time hearing what he said about ACOs.

  • Sounds good Dr. West. I think I’ll give it a whirl. The Q and A videos will be short off the cuff answers to questions that people might have. Essentially what I do in text, but I’ll do it on video. We’ll try it out and see what people think. I’ll use my Flip that has HD (should be better quality) and I’ll do it in a quiet room without all the ambient noise. I’ll try to keep my children quiet during the taping;-)

    Here’s some questions people have asked on Twitter:
    Once converting paper to digital and loading into an EMR, how long do providers plan to keep their old paper charts?

    how can #HIT help patients take a more active role in their care?

    how will #HIT save on Medicare costs?

    A few hard ones there, but might be fun to talk about. Feel free to ask more. I’ll do my best to answer.

    Plus, speaking of video, I have another project, but I’m not quite ready to announce it officially yet.

  • “Sorry the video quality and ambient noise isn’t the best. It was on a cell phone in a crowded exhibit hall.” — This is exactly why I hate doing interviews in the HIMSS exhibit hall. 🙂

  • Neil,
    Yes, the bane of the HIMSS showroom floor. Although, I love the energy that’s there.

    Dr. West,
    That is a tough one, should be a fun one to tackle.

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