Intuit Health to Make the Next Major EMR Vendor Acquisition?

Medical Software Advice has an interesting look at why Intuit Health might be the next company to acquire one of the 300+ EHR vendors on the market. The initial analysis of Intuit Health’s current healthcare IT offerings is really good and does point to them possibly acquiring an EMR company. It also does make a lot of sense for them to acquire a web based EMR software vendor that has a lot of traction. I think the acquisition by Intuit points to the direction they’re taking the company when it comes to SaaS based products (which would include a SaaS EMR company).

My only issue with the article about Intuit Health and their potential acquisition choices is that it’s a pretty casual consideration. The idea of listing AdvancedMD after they were just acquired is pretty funny. Although, Intuit Health acquiring an EMR vendor would be a similar new EMR consolidation as Neil Versel called it.

Same actually goes for Practice Fusion after their recently announced $23 million financing round from Founders Fund. I don’t think Intuit Health is looking for a $200+ million acquisition which is what that type of financing round would likely require. Unless they did a DST style transaction, but I think that’s unlikely. In fact, I think Mitochon Systems might actually be more to Intuit Health’s liking than Practice Fusion. Smaller user base, but could likely acquire them for much cheaper than Practice Fusion.

With the 300+ EHR vendors out there, I guess it was brave to mention any EMR vendors. One thing they definitely got right though, Intuit Health has plenty of interesting companies to choose from. It’s definitely a great time to be an EHR vendor.

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