Clinicians at River Park Hospital “Go Electronic” with Digital Pen and Paper Technology

McMinnville, TN, April 18, 2011 – Shareable Ink, a Nashville-based healthcare information technology company, today announced that healthcare providers at River Park Hospital are utilizing the company’s innovative digital pen and paper technology to document anesthesia cases. Clinicians’ pen strokes are converted to actionable electronic data, supporting government and industry pressures to automate patient medical records.

News Facts

  • Using a specialized ballpoint pen with an optical recorder that communicates with powerful offsite servers, Shareable Ink enables healthcare providers to document in their customary fashion without losing productivity.
  • Unlike most electronic health records (EHRs), this novel approach requires no change in workflow for the physicians.  The fear of a slowdown in productivity is widely reported to be the biggest barrier to physicians adopting EHRs
  • River Park Hospital benefits from instant access to patient records, the capture of key quality metrics, and high physician satisfaction. In addition, Shareable Ink’s automation eliminates the need for labor-intensive paper scanning and manual “spot-checking” of charts.
  • The Shareable Ink implementation is part of a nationwide initiative by NorthStar Anesthesia, a large, data-driven provider group that provides anesthesia services at River Park Hospital. NorthStar Anesthesia utilizes data from Shareable Ink to measure and ensure performance and quality of care across providers and hospitals in a standardized manner.

Supporting Quotes

  • Kenneth Wicker, president and chief executive officer, River Park Hospital
    “Shareable Ink represents a clever approach to capture, analyze, and act upon data in a manner that is not cumbersome for physicians or the IT department.”
  • Stephen S. Hau, president and chief executive officer, Shareable Ink “Our team is thrilled with River Park Hospital’s success and shares in its commitment to high quality care through innovation.”

About River Park Hospital
As a 125-bed full service hospital, River Park Hospital provides a comprehensive range of medical services and high quality care.  River Park Hospital is a forward-thinking, innovative hospital where trust, teamwork, and technology come together to make a positive difference in the health of the community and region.  River Park Hospital is full-service community hospital in McMinnville, right outside of Nashville, TN.  RPH is part of the 13-hospital Capella Healthsystem For additional information, visit

About NorthStar Anesthesia

NorthStar Anesthesia’s mission is to take a multi-dimensional approach to the responsibilities of excellent patient care, customer service, and partnerships with healthcare facilities. NorthStar Anesthesia’s physicians and nurse anesthetists are committed to efficient anesthesia care teams that foster the integration of multiple disciples to provide optimal patient care. We strive to enhance services provided to patients, surgeons and their support teams, and hospital administrations in ways that are consistent with our mission and core principles of honesty, integrity and clinical excellence. Learn more at

About Shareable Ink

Shareable Ink helps healthcare organizations of all sizes transition to electronic health records without disruption to workflow or burdensome IT projects. Its software platform incorporates enterprise‐grade digital pen and paper technology featuring Anoto functionality. Shareable Ink enables clinicians to continue documenting in the fastest, most natural manner, while populating the EHR with discrete data, as if typed with a keyboard. Built‐in analytics give hospitals and practices insight into their operations — from a clinical, quality and efficiency standpoint — all previously inaccessible from traditional paper records. For additional information, visit