Scribes STAT to Provide Certified Medical Scribes to Legacy Health System

Portland, Oregon, April 5, 2011: Scribes STAT, Inc. announced a contract with the Legacy Health System to provide over 100 certified medical scribes to assist with the ongoing, system-wide implementation of a new electronic medical record (EMR) system from the Epic Systems Corporation. Scribes will be employed in over 25 hospital departments, including Emergency Medicine where patient volume is high and the need exists for improved physician efficiency.

Based on pioneering work by founder and emergency room physician, Dr. Kathleen Myers and her colleagues, scribes have been operating in all five hospitals within the Legacy Health System since 2005. Scribes STAT has expanded coverage to clinics and continues to set the standard for recruiting, selecting and providing certified training for medical scribes.

As Jim McCartan, Vice President & General Manager, Northwest noted, “Studies have shown that physician productivity drops 30% on average with the initial conversion to electronic medical records. Working with a certified medical scribe improves overall productivity and physician satisfaction by relieving physicians of the burden of charting.”

About Scribes STAT, Inc.

Scribes STAT is the premier provider of certified medical scribes who deliver accurate, real-time electronic medical records for emergency physicians and targeted specialty physicians resulting in improved physician efficiency, increased patient satisfaction, and timely and complete insurance billing. Please visit us at for more information.