Some Perspective, ACO’s, Costco EMR, and April Fool’s Day

Nothing like enjoying the end of the weekend by going over some tweets from interesting people in the healthcare IT and EMR world.

The first one hit me the strongest since I think I sometimes get so wrapped up in the details of EMR and healthcare IT that I forget to stop and remember really why we’re doing all of this. Thanks Diane for reminding us.!/DianeEMeier/status/54579505100107776

After John Chilmark from Chilmark Research skipped doing his taxes (thankfully mine are done) to read about ACO’s he provided this perspective:!/john_chilmark/status/54710676043730944

John also offered this tweet to a Kaiser resource on ACO’s:!/john_chilmark/status/53968018501414912

ACO’s are a hot topic and I have a guest post coming which will hopefully shed even more light on what’s happening in Washington around ACO’s and the new legislation.

@TheGr8Chaulupa (best twitter name) and @j_schilz reminds us of the crazy channels vendors are using to sell EHR software. Although, Costco’s only a couple years after Walmart and Sam’s Club EMR was offered (4-5 posts I did on it):!/TheGr8Chalupa/status/54312766575616000

Finally, my announcement of a new EMR and HIPAA EMR was an April Fool’s joke in case you didn’t realize it when you read it. Hopefully everyone that read it enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it (with Katherine Rourke’s help).

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