EMR and HIPAA Announces Plans to Sell New EMR Software

UPDATE: In case you couldn’t tell, this was an April Fool’s joke.

Over the past year myself and the other people here at EMR and HIPAA have been working like crazy on a very exciting new project. We’ve obviously seen first hand the many doctors that are dissatisfied with their current EMR and the current EMR vendors. We kept wondering how we could fix this problem. In the end, we decided that the best way to solve this problem would be to fix this problem ourselves. So, I’m really pleased to announce the launch of a new EMR software product by EMR and HIPAA called DoctorEZ (cool name huh?).

We’re still in beta right now working with only the best doctors we know to refine the product. Although, here’s the goals for our EMR software:

  • No Cost for the EMR – Why should doctors have to pay for software? Haven’t you ever heard of a free lunch? That’s what we’re offering here.
  • Zero Implementation Time – If you think you want DoctorEZ, it’s already installed. Doctors don’t want to take the time to implement the EMR software and so we decided to take out the implementation time.
  • No Training Needed – Doctors have an MD after their name. That means they were basically professional students for most of their life. Why burden them with more training? That’s why we don’t.
  • Universal Device Domination – Some people like their iPad. Fine we do that. Blackberry Playbook. It’s not released, but we support them too. Desktop. Check. Laptop. Check. iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, iPod touch, Pay as you Go phone. Check, check, check, check, check. Xbox, PS3, Tivo and Wii. You got it!
  • Standards Based – SNOMED, ICD-9, EZ, ICD-10, 23%, ICD-11, SMRT, ICD-666, CPT, 1040-EZ, 5010, 90210, ACO, 867-5309, ieee, HAL-0999, etc. You bet!
  • Supports All Specialties – Some people like to say that specialties have different needs. Not with the DoctorEZ EMR. It satisfies every specialty with a unique Specializer (TM) system.
  • Easy – Did I mention that this was easy? (That’s why we called it DoctorEZ after all)
  • Interoperability – As if other EMR are sophisticated enough to integrate with us.
  • Increase Billing – Of course we do. Why else would you buy us? It’s not about the patient after all…speaking of which…
  • Patient – We thought about some great features to help patients, but our beta test doctors asked us why. They then told us patients were a dime a dozen and it was all about the reimbursement. At DoctorEZ we listen to our customers.
  • Interplanetary Hosting – I’m sure many of you are wondering if the new EMR will be a SaaS based EMR or client server based EMR. We decided since we were offering this for free that neither of those options was good enough for our doctors. Instead we launched a new interplanetary hosting option. That’s right. Your EMR data will be safely stored on our own personal network of data centers located on Mars, Saturn and Venus (we tried Pluto, but it lost its planet status and so we had to change direction). We had Neil Armstong sign a HIPAA business associate agreement, so you’re all covered if he heads to Mars and happens upon your patient’s info.
  • EMR or EHR – Maybe you missed the part above about patients. Plus, did you see us use the word EHR in this article. I didn’t think so.
  • EHR Certification – Are you kidding? Of course we are. Our business wouldn’t survive without it. Although, since we’re not an EHR we had to create our own certification called EZ Certification. Let’s just say it was easy to do. Will it get you access to the government handouts for EHR? Probably not, but you didn’t pay for the EMR and we didn’t pay for the EMR certification so it all works out. You will get to put up an DoctorEZ Certification sign on your door with our cute little bunny rabbit logo.
  • Support – We’re from Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Neither do our support people. That’s why we’ve spared no expense on chaining them to their chairs and installing the shock collars to make sure they don’t sleep. In fact, the top DoctorEZ EMR feature is the “Shock My Support Person” EZ button.
  • EMR Usability – At DoctorEZ we alpha tested a direct brain to EMR input. Basically if you think it, we record it. Only problem was we found out what the doctor was really thinking. Let’s just say I was surprised how many doctors play Farmville. To solve this problem, we’ve integrated Farmville into our EMR in a really fantastically usable way. Now doctors are no longer distracted thinking about Farmville since they’ll actually be playing it.
  • Doctor Flattery Module – How many other EMR software really focus on the doctors? We’re taking it to a whole new level by randomly displaying a flattering comment about the doctor on the screen. In back office mode, a lovely male or female voice (configurable) will sound to compliment the doctor on their incredible skill, beautiful hair or amazing technique. Repeat Compliment button is available.

There’s so much more to the DoctorEZ EMR, but I think you get a feel for where we’re going. Who’s ready to sign up? Sorry. We’re in beta. However, I do like a nice piece of Cheesecake with hot fudge on top from Cheesecake Factory *wink* *wink*.

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John Lynn

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  • When I searched for DoctorEZ I found it was also a rug cleaner. Talk about a great add on.

    It all sounds great, but based on years of IT experience, I’ll wait for release 2.0 to be safe.

  • Congrats this is truly a game changer. We are excited for the roll out and launch party. Can we discuss developing an interface to Doctor EZ if my wife makes the cheesecake?

  • Carl,
    That might be a great connection considering the healthcare industry and cuts to reimbursement. I’m not sure you’ll be able to afford release 2.0.

    thanks for the compliments. Your wife can definitely send over the cheesecake. After I’ve enjoyed the cheesecake we can definitely discuss an interface. After which I’ll promptly tell you we can’t interface.

    Servers on Mars aren’t reasonable? That shows you how cutting edge we are.

  • Why not? It’s the new space race. Congratulations on getting there before Extormity.

  • All very impressive. But perhaps DoctorEZ isn’t quite at the cutting edge. After all, Epic is already leading the race to build an Accountable Chair Organization and integrating horoscope data.

  • Steven,
    I’m glad to hear you mention us in the same breathe as Extormity.

    Like horoscope voodoo compares at all with the Doctor Flattery Module. Epic will be sweeping our floors soon;-)

    We’re actually going to release it first as an app. I have a feeling we’ll get more medical app downloads from it than Epocrates.

  • I have to say it sounds impressive. I’ll have to let the doctor know who on Thursday called me to say he was looking to get an EMR only to scan hand-written patient notes into it because he felt the EMR would slow him down too much and he was far faster just scribbling down illegible crap on paper. Are these people ever going to wake up?

  • John,

    Utterly superb! Ironic and sarcastic at the same time, and very fun to read.

    My team has had a standing request for a flattery module for some time. Our research and beta testing has shown that doctors only respond to compliments from their peers, and they still consider their PC a second class citizen. We’re now investigating drugs that might mitigate that effect…


  • I guarantee you that this has already been copied overnight by Chinese scammers, and you can get it to run on your iPhone mini–that is actually available over there

  • Michael West,
    Have them take a look at SRSsoft and eMedRec. They might like those options.

    Glad to see I hit the desired mix. I think the flattery module has potential.

    Where do you think I got this idea? I stole it from the Chinese.

    I love E*R. I’m going to use that. Maybe I’ll do a whole post using it. My goal here is to always help physicians, so I’m glad your husband enjoyed it.

  • I wish I had seen this post on April Fools Day! I definitely would’ve posted a link. to it. I think I’ll include a link on my blog’s sidebar for April anyway. Who says we can’t have a little fun beyond April 1st! We can sure use some levity every now and again to get through all the HITECH ONCHIT EHR CMS MU standards for EMRs that are a derivative of Hospital IQR, the NQF and PQRI, now found in the VBP Program and the CMS ACO Proposed Rule.

  • Our Medical Tricorder should be ready for your first release. Let me know if you want the authentic StarTrek form factor with the shoulder strap or the Android App…

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