Blood Pressure Cuffs on iPad and iPhone iTunes Store

If you haven’t figured out, I’m becoming completely enamored by the possibilities of medical devices being available in the home. It just makes complete sense that we would have more and more medical devices in the home. We’ve had the thermometer at home for a long time. There’s little reason why we wouldn’t have more devices at home that would help us gather information which we can provide to the doctors.

Plus, the real key to this all is that these devices will make the e-Visit with doctors so much more reasonable since we can send the details of what these devices measure to the doctor in real time. Very cool stuff!

With this background, that’s why I find it so exciting that Apple featured a blood pressure cuff for iPhone (iHealth BPM – ANDON HEALTH Co., LTD) and iPad (iHealth BPM – ANDON HEALTH Co., LTD) on their online store.

iMedicalApps posted an interesting look at why these types of blood pressure cuffs aren’t a big game changer for mobile health. Essentially they describe that their cost means that compliant patients are the ones that will buy and use these devices. To that I simply respond: that’s just the start.

As more and more people start to use and benefit from this device, the price will drop and more and more people will want the same. Plus, I predict we’re going to see a change to healthy patients using this type of device. Instead of only getting your blood pressure when the doctor tells you to do it, there are going to be more and more active patients that just want to track things like blood pressure as they proactively monitor their health. This type of iPad and iPhone device opens the door for this type of mobile health.

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