New Solutions Reduce Costs and Accelerate ROI for Disease Management and Wellness Programs

SEATTLE—February 23, 2011—Varolii Corporation, the market and technology leader in proactive outbound communications (business-to-consumer, automated text messaging, interactive voicemail and email communications), today announced two new solutions to help healthcare organizations lower operations costs and drive positive health outcomes – Varolii Enrollment and Varolii Progressive Engagement. Based on insights obtained from more than five billion proactive, personalized voice, SMS and email notifications, the two new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions help healthcare organizations reach patients and members to enroll them into healthcare programs and engage with them to influence their behavior.

Organizations that deliver disease management and wellness programs spend a large portion of their operational budget trying to connect with healthcare consumers. But, most only reach 10 to 15 percent of the most at-risk patients using traditional methods such as direct mail and manual phone calls by engagement specialists. With proactive, automated communications from Varolii, healthcare organizations can more effectively reach patients while reducing costs. Both solutions include pre-built automated messages that can be easily configured and deployed quickly.

Varolii has already helped two of the three largest disease management companies to effectively reach patients. Early adopter healthcare organizations that have deployed Varolii have seen a seven-fold increase in initial response rates and up to a five-fold increase in program enrollment.

Varolii Enrollment Drives Enrollment

The first new solution, Varolii Enrollment, helps recruit patients through two interactive, automated conversations that are HIPAA-compliant and tailored to patient preferences, such as text, phone or email. It includes:

  • Engage –Informs patients that information is coming about a program designed to help them lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce disease risk. In addition, the call offers an option to speak with an enrollment specialist to immediately enroll in the program and receive one-on-one assistance.
  • Enroll –Offers patients the option to enroll in a healthcare management or support program via automated technology, describing the benefits of the program and offering an option to speak with a specialist for more information and assistance.

Varolii Progressive Engagement Boosts Patient Adherence Results

Varolii Progressive Engagement is designed to help disease management and wellness organizations both enroll and engage patients, with the ultimate objective of encouraging and influencing positive health behavior. In addition to the Varolii Enrollment conversations, this solution includes:

  • Monitor– Checks with patients to monitor a health condition or any medication or other side effects. It also assesses and monitors progress in a wellness program and offers an option to speak with a healthcare specialist during the program lifecycle.
  • Reminder – Reminds patients about upcoming appointments and offers options to reschedule, if needed.
  • Re-Engage – Proactive outreach to patients if they are enrolled in a program but have not taken any action, asking if they would like to re-engage or transfer them to a healthcare specialist for one-on-one assistance.

In addition, the Progressive Engagement solution leverages cross-channel communications to leverage multiple channels such as voice, email and SMS text messaging to reach patients. For example, a patient could receive a phone call to confirm an upcoming appointment with a health practitioner. If the patient does not answer or respond, Varolii can automatically follow up with a text message or email to make sure the patient receives the information.

These solutions take advantage of Varolii ID, which personalizes each message to individual recipients, based on business rules that automatically determine the most effective way to interact with each patient. Varolii ID also ‘learns’ the more it is used, enabling further personalization based on patients’ preferences, such as what time to call or which language they prefer. Varolii also offers detailed reporting capabilities to enable clients to analyze and improve all aspects of their automated communications campaigns, using more than 40 detailed reports and an online dashboard to track daily interactions in real-time.

“Getting patients enrolled and actively engaged in wellness and disease management programs is the biggest problem that healthcare organizations face. Varolii Enrollment and Progressive Engagement solutions provide organizations a rapid and simplified path to smart automated communications, which allows them to reach more patients more cost effectively and drive positive outcomes,” said John Pierson, senior vice president of services at Varolii. “The healthcare industry has a great opportunity to embrace newer technologies and approaches to patient engagement that can solve cost challenges, improve response rates, and—ultimately—help patients live a healthier life.”

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