Shimmer Research Presents Wearable Wireless Sensors With Real-Time Patient Data Transmission During Everyday Activities

ORLANDO, FL – Shimmer Research, the worldwide leader in wearable wireless
sensors, today announced its plan to further expand its presence in the U.S. market with
its full range of Kinematic, Biophysical, and Ambient modules. With a small, lightweight,
and open source nature Shimmer has become the choice of many world-class
companies and institutions for remote healthcare, rehabilitation, sports science, assisted
living and connected health solutions.
“The U.S. is currently our largest market, and we have big plans to grow there over the
next 12 to 18 months on the industrial and research side,” said Kieran Daly, Vice
President of Business Development at Shimmer Research. “We’re one of a kind in our
offering, and have a modular approach that goes beyond anything else on the market.
This translates to substantial savings in both the development cycle and product costs
for our OEM partners. ”
Real time transmission of data as patients go about their lives is what excites clinicians
most. The collected data is sent to a PC, laptop or even smart phone via Bluetooth, radio
or local storage via a microSD card. Current sensing capabilities include Accelerometer,
Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Tilt/vibration, ECG, EMG, GSR, GPS Strain Gauge,
PIR/Motion, Temperature, Light and Vibration.
“Our platform enables us to easily integrate our technology into any other end-user
products,” said Daly. “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel when we partner with new
companies because we’re already 80 percent of the way to the finished device,
supported by our low power firmware and baseline transmission platform.”
Based on an open source philosophy, the Shimmer platform can be programmed and
configured to capture data specific to your application, product or service requirements –
a feature that is not associated with many proprietary and closed sensor platforms.

About Shimmer Research
Licensed from Intel in 2008, Shimmer was commercialized by Shimmer Research, a
division of Realtime Technologies Ltd. Headquartered in Dublin, the division expanded
to add an R&D center in Boston in early 2009. Shimmer has become the choice for
many world-class research institutes and OEM’s, and the division currently ships to over
40 countries worldwide as the platform continues to grow and develop.