Grand Rapids, Michigan based Optimal Solutions to provide interactive television system, providing education and entertainment for patients

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 21, 2011 – Blodgett Hospital, a Michigan based patient care facility, has contracted with Grand Rapids, Mich. based Optimal Solutions to install eVideon Healthcare; a complete IP-based interactive television system. The installation will replace Blodgett’s current RF analog television distribution system.

The contract with Blodgett Hospital comes after the launch of eVideon Healthcare at the new Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich.  Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, which opened in January, is the most recent hospital to install the eVideon Healthcare Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system.

“We’re pleased that hospitals are finding our system to be technically advanced and affordable while offering robust features and ease of operation for the patients and their staff,” said Jeff Ingle, president of Optimal Solutions. “eVideon Healthcare is the only system that is entirely IP based; guaranteeing HD quality to any Ethernet port and empowering interactivity between the patient and the hospital.  This results in patients being more engaged, satisfied, educated, and entertained. Post implementation survey results have been outstanding.”

The demand for eVideon Healthcare comes as hospitals are seeking much more from their television systems. eVideon Healthcare is the only end-to-end IP system on the market being offered to the healthcare industry, meaning the system is completely digital and there is no need for coax cable or in-room computers.

Components of the content management system are web-based, allowing non-technical staff to manage and modify programming provided to patients at a moment’s notice.  Content is streamed to each room’s TV as well as waiting rooms, staff lounges and any other TV location, completely eliminating the need for coax cable.

The system provides much more than television and on-demand movies.  It is designed to help physicians and hospitals meet demands of patient education even when a patient returns home. eVideon Healthcare also offers survey/tracking options, which allows hospital staff to track patient comprehension for improved patient outcomes and clinical work flows. The IPTV system is even capable of communicating patient needs to other areas of the hospital, such as guest services, cafeteria or housekeeping, just to name a few.