NaviNet Introduces NaviNet Mobile Connect to Deliver Patient Information to Physicians via Handheld Devices

Mobile Messaging Platform Enhances NaviNet’s Clinical Capabilities, Improves Care Management and Coordination, and Supports NaviNet Prescribe and NaviNet Care Alerts

ORLANDO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NaviNet, America’s largest real-time healthcare communications network, today announced the availability of NaviNet Mobile Connect, a care communications platform that enables the delivery of intelligent, actionable patient-related information to physicians via handheld devices, helping to close care gaps, enhance care management and coordination, and improve treatment plan adherence. The mobile platform supports two-way real-time information exchange at the point-of-care and pre- and post-office visit, between physicians, patients, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and retail and mail order pharmacies. NaviNet Mobile Connect enables the delivery of patient information into the exam room and to clinicians, extending the reach of NaviNet solutions beyond the front- and back-office.

“We’ve significantly upped our game in the clinical realm because we believe NaviNet’s unified and patient-centric approach to health information management and our vast national footprint uniquely qualify us to help the industry broadly establish better collaboration, care coordination and care management.”

NaviNet Mobile Connect supports value-added solutions that bring information when and where it is needed most to impact clinical decision-making and patient engagement. Today, NaviNet introduces two new solutions that are supported by NaviNet Mobile Connect and are generally available now: NaviNet Prescribe, a full-service e-prescribing and clinical decision support solution, available to providers via mobile and desktop access, and NaviNet Care Alerts, which enables health plans and PBMs to deliver enhanced messages to providers and patients on mobile devices. NaviNet’s mobile solutions leverage the e-prescribing workflow, are highly intuitive and easy-to-use, and proactively present information for easy viewing.

“NaviNet Mobile Connect delivers actionable information at the impactful moment, informing a different kind of dialog between the doctor and patient. By bringing external data into the exam room, NaviNet enables a conversation that could not or may not have happened, because the doctor would not have that information,” said S. Michael Ross, M.D., MHA, NaviNet’s chief medical officer. “Mobile technology is a healthcare game changer that revolutionizes how information is transmitted between stakeholders, whether that is getting information to a doctor in an exam room, or from doctor to patient. By virtue of having an additional information channel at the point of care, providers are empowered to have more informed and educated exchanges with their patients.”

“NaviNet’s platform for mobile healthcare information delivery combined with our deep expertise in healthcare workflow integration enables providers, health plans and PBMs to use e-prescribing processes to ensure that physicians and patients receive information when and where they need it,” said Brad Waugh, NaviNet’s president and chief executive officer. “We’ve significantly upped our game in the clinical realm because we believe NaviNet’s unified and patient-centric approach to health information management and our vast national footprint uniquely qualify us to help the industry broadly establish better collaboration, care coordination and care management.”

NaviNet Mobile Connect will integrate with NaviNet’s core platform for UPIM as well as its solution suite: NaviNet Insurer Connect, the industry-leading multi-payer portal, NaviNet EMR, NaviNet PM, NaviNet Medicare Eligibility and NaviNet Extended Eligibility. NaviNet Mobile Connect enhances NaviNet’s offerings for unified patient information management (UPIM), which offer single-source access to patient-centric information through sophisticated application and workflow integration supported by a secure, SaaS-based infrastructure.

NaviNet Mobile Connect for Health Plans

NaviNet Mobile Connect integrates mobile messaging with health plan solutions, workflows and data, permitting plans to deliver value-added and contextual patient information directly into providers’ hands. This facilitates collaborative communications, patient and physician engagement, enhanced care coordination and management, improved care and more cost-effective care delivery. NaviNet’s mobile platform supports NaviNet Care Alerts and NaviNet Prescribe, which health plans can offer at no cost to providers. Benefits of NaviNet Mobile Connect include:

  • Empowered providers: Providers have the tools and information to make more informed decisions, improve safety, streamline practice efficiency and maximize reimbursement.
  • Engaged members: The trusted physician-patient relationship can be leveraged to drive member engagement and optimize “teachable moments” at the point of care.
  • Improved and more cost-effective care: Improved formulary compliance and use of lower cost drugs; reduced therapeutic duplication; reduced preventable adverse drug events and their associated hospital, emergency room and physician office costs; lowered administrative expenses associated with manually authorizing medications and communicating with physician staffs.

NaviNet Mobile Connect for Providers

Providers can sign up for NaviNet Prescribe to enhance clinical decision support and save time by reducing administrative work related to prescriptions and managed care protocols. The solution offers mobile and desktop access and can be integrated with practice management systems to access patient medication history across prescribers, view patient-specific formulary information, submit real-time authorizations, close gaps in care with alerts from health plans, and send reminders to patients. Services include comprehensive training and support. With NaviNet Prescribe, providers can improve:

  • Patient care: Better outcomes with access to timely, relevant clinical data; eliminated gaps in care by identifying unaddressed tests, procedures or therapies; improved medication adherence by tracking refills and efficiently delivering reminders during and after visits; and minimized duplicate therapy by knowing which medications were prescribed by other providers.
  • Patient satisfaction: Lowered patient out-of-pocket expenses by presenting options for therapeutically equivalent, lower cost drugs covered by patient benefit plans; and improved patient convenience by streamlining processes at the pharmacy and eliminating hassles of formulary confusion, including frustration caused by step therapy and prior authorization rules.
  • Practice operations: Streamlined prior authorization, eliminating manual administration and reducing operational costs; increased productivity from reduced mail, faxes and phone calls from health plans for gaps in care; and fewer pharmacy phone calls and faxes for drug incompatibility, formulary issues and renewals.
  • Reimbursement: Capabilities that enable reporting necessary to qualify for federal incentives and offer a pathway towards demonstrating Meaningful Use.

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NaviNet, America’s largest real-time healthcare communications network, securely links leading health plans, industry partners and the government to hundreds of thousands of physicians, clinicians and other healthcare professionals. More than 70 percent of the nation’s physicians are enrolled in the NaviNet Network, which touches 121 million covered lives. NaviNet’s solutions and services for unified patient information management (UPIM) address the full lifecycle of healthcare data management by providing single-source access to patient-centric administrative, financial and clinical information to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve quality of care. The NaviNet solution suite includes NaviNet Insurer Connect, NaviNet Mobile Connect, NaviNet EMR, NaviNet PM, NaviNet Medicare Eligibility and NaviNet Extended Eligibility. For more information, or to sign up for NaviNet, please visit or call 617-715-6000 or 800-805-7569. Connect with us on our blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.