Most Popular Mobile Device at HIMSS11

I think it was quite evident that there was one mobile device that was by far the most popular mobile device at the healthcare IT conference, HIMSS 2011. The funny thing is that despite being the most popular device, the vendor of this device was no where to be found among the 1000+ HIMSS exhibitors. Yes, that’s right. There were 1000 exhibitors at HIMSS and the most popular mobile health device vendor was no where to be found.

Of course, if you haven’t guessed already, the most popular mobile device at HIMSS 11 was definitely the iPad.

It seemed like about every other booth had an iPad giveaway. Every EMR vendor at HIMSS had some sort of iPad strategy and many made announcements at HIMSS about their new iPad EMR. Sadly, I didn’t walk away with an iPad myself, unless some nice vendor contacts me in the next couple days saying that I won their drawing. Then, I’d jump for joy.

I find it pretty amazing that the iPad was marketed so well at HIMSS at a cost of $0. Yes, I saw the Fujitsu iPad like offering (although really a tablet with the iPad form factor and related similarities). I also saw the yet to be released Blackberry playbook. Yet, there was no booth for Apple. There were no Apple sales or marketing people at HIMSS. There was no big Apple party at HIMSS. Yet, there’s no doubt that the iPad came off a big winner at HIMSS.

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John Lynn

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  • Any comments on what devices worked the best at HIMSS? Many of us were struggling to stay connected with all of the competing signals at the conference. My husband, who works in telecom, mentioned that the telecom industry is innovating to help combat this issue at large conferences like HIMSS and the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s called Long Term Evolution (LTE). Ever hear of it?

  • I’d have to say that which phone that worked at HIMSS is probably better related to the carrier than it was to the phone that was used. Sprint was generally a fail for me. However, I did ok when I could get the wireless. Although, it was far from perfect I think because of the redirect they have on the internet.

    I haven’t heard of Long Term Evolution, but that sounds interesting. They need to implement it in basketball stadiums as well. They’re terrible for cell signals from my experience.

  • […] When the iPad 2 was released, I braced myself for the deluge of bloggers and tweeters who would find some connection between iPad 2 and healthcare. The deluge was significant. And much of what was discussed was at best hyperbole and at worst search engine baiting. What was worse was the number of iPad+Healthcare+Marketing posts I saw. Frankly, the only connection I envisioned between the iPad and health care marketing was another shiny device to give away at trade shows. […]

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