Investing in EMR Companies

I was asked a really interesting question recently:
“If you could invest in an EMR company, which EMR company would you choose to invest in?”

I find this question really interesting, because I’ve seen the detailed financials of an EMR vendor before. The business model of an EMR company is very clear and proven in many other industries.

Yet, the question about which EMR companies you’d invest in is a very different question. Certainly, there are a lot of variables when investing, but I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts about this question. Feel free to leave it in the comments or if you prefer to do it in private you can submit it on the EMR and EHR contact us page.

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John Lynn

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  • Well, there no bones about it to me, I’d invest in my EMR company Practice Fusion. It’s fantastic, and I know it will continue to grow based on its excellent reputation. Who wouldn’t love a great-functioning EMR system that doesn’t cost the provider anything?

  • I would also look at Mitochon Systems http;// as they are also a great system and do not cost anything. Who can beat that!Both are cloud based which is the wave of the future and Mitochon is already well down the path for meaninful use 2 and 3, if all things stay as they are. Why not let the doc use the ARRA dollars for other investments.

  • John Lynn’s Pithy Comment on Disruptive Companies
    January 13th, 2011 John Lynn is an EMR and HIT industry sage, so when he talks, people listen. We loved this recent quote from John on on disruptive companies:

    Question: What Start-ups Will Be Disruptive in Health and Healthcare?

    I’d keep an eye on the free EMR vendors and are two such examples. They are gaining some major traction (for obvious reasons) and are opening up EMR software to a whole group of people that were too scared by the HUGE EMR price tags.

    John Lynn, Founder of

  • Jim,
    I think you might be propping up John Lynn far too high. He’s far from a sage.

    I also better be careful what I say online. It might come back to bite me;-)

  • John is a sage alright………… Brings about the right topics to discuss.
    I agree PF and Mitochon are game changers by themselves, Although they are ‘free’, when you take the total cost of ownership – TCO, its not really free. They still have to be interfaced with a Billing System and interface needs to be maintained for any upgrades from both the ends. And the Billing System has to be paid for!!!!!!!!!!
    In general – yes; the lower cost of good systems accelerate adoption of EHR.

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