Healthcare Productivity Automation Showcases New Real-Time Dashboard For Health Mason At HIMSS 2011

Enhancement to HPA’s Workflow Automation Solutions Valuable to Both Providers and Payers, Providing Ongoing Status and Analytics; Company Also Hosting Data Entry Contest at HIMSS

ORANGE COUNTY CONVENTION CENTER / BOOTH 564, ORLANDO, FL – (February 21, 2011) – Healthcare Productivity Automation (HPA), a provider of advanced healthcare workflow automation technologies, today announced it is demonstrating its new real-time management dashboard for its Health Mason automation solutions at the HIMSS® 2011 Conference in Orlando.  The dashboard offers a powerful new way for Health Mason users to obtain instantupdates and data analytics of all system activity in real time.
The Health Mason family of SaaS (Software as a Service) products can significantly transform claims and payment processing activity for healthcare payers and providers alike.  The Web-based solutions can automate virtually any process, from verifying eligibility to identifying claims errors to performing mass adjudication on tens of thousands of claims, in just hours.  Moreover, Health Mason services have been documented to achieve unprecedented accuracy of 99.97% over a six-month rolling average.
As a replacement or addition to manually-handled processes, Health Mason reducescosts, improves quality, achieves more consistent processing, and improves overall scalability.  The family of HIPAA- and SAS 70-compliant SaaS solutions includes:
·       Health Mason ES <> —An automation solution suitable for claims processing, adjudication, data entry and other administrative or processing tasks;
·       Health Mason DSS <> Designed for organizations with overlapping data, Health Mason Database and System Synchronization syncs data across various systems, passing additions, updates, and deletions back and forth and eliminating duplicate data entry;
·       Health Mason DVA <> Health Mason Data Validation Agent scans records and validates data in other files, databases or other electronic storage formats.
HPA’s new dashboard brings furtherefficiency to Health Mason products by providing a real-time view of all current automation activity.  Using its monitoring and analysis capabilities, Health Mason can provide any information from instantaneous views of system response times to determining the exact
dollar amount caused by a specific set of errors attributed to a given procedure code for a given contract.
“Health Mason’s new dashboard is just like having a way to monitor your entire claims staff from a single screen.  You know exactly what work is being performed and the immediate results of that work,  right down to a single transaction,” said Sal Novin, CEO of Healthcare Productivity Automation.  “Whether you are a payer or provider, Health Mason now offers sophisticated updates and data analysis in a fast, easy-to-understand user interface.”
Health Mason products have demonstrated the ability to execute healthcare payment and database processing tasks at speeds up to 30 times faster than typical manual alternatives.  Health Mason is currently a key operational technology at one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing coordinated care plans focused on Medicare Advantage.

Win Flat Panel TV at HPA Booth
In addition to demos of its Blair Edition dashboard, HPA will be staging a competition during HIMSS 2011 to demonstrate the speed and accuracy of its Health Mason technologies.  Claims entry professionals are challenged to log their fastest data entry times, in competition with Health Mason.  The individual with the fastest time during the show will win a flat panel TV.
Healthcare Productivity Automation is showcasing its products during the HIMSS Healthcare IT Conference & Expo, February 20-24, 2011 from its exhibit at Booth 564 in the Orange County Convention Center.  For more information, visit the booth or <> .

About Healthcare Productivity Automation (HPA):
Based in Nashville, Tennessee, HPA is a healthcare-focused software development and consulting <> firm focused on saving money through the automation of manual processes.  Its flagship Health Mason <> family of SaaS solutions improves the provider-payer payment relationship by automating claim and payment management processes, reducing costs while improving quality and achieving more consistent  processing.  Used by some of the country’s major healthcare insurance companies and service providers, HPA solutions received the 2009 Nashville Technology Council’s Innovator of the Year Award.  To learn more, visit <> .