New Solution Can Immediately Identify High-Risk Patients, Equipping
Providers with Critical Information to Improve Patient Outcomes

CSC  (NYSE:  CSC),  a  leading  global  consulting, systems integration and
outsourcing   company,  today  announced  that  it  has  selected  Corticon
Technologies  (,  a  leading  provider  of  Business Rules
Management  Systems  (BRMS)  as a strategic business rules platform partner
for  its  CareVeillance™ real-time clinical surveillance software. CSC will
leverage  Corticon’s  BRMS  to  implement the solution, and, going forward,
will  collaborate  with  Corticon to develop new solutions to automate best
practices within the healthcare industry.

As  the  healthcare  industry  faces  unprecedented  change and reform, new
government-mandated  quality  standards have been introduced and healthcare
providers are being held to these standards, with reduced reimbursement for
those who fail to meet them. According to the government mandate, hospitals
must  show  that  they  provided  the appropriate care, and avoided patient
complications,  before they are reimbursed for treatment. In addition, this
quality  information  must  also be collected and validated by hospitals as
the patient is treated, not after the fact.

CareVeillance,  CSC’s  first  Corticon-powered  solution,  is  a pioneering
software  tool  that provides real-time clinical surveillance and reporting
for   hospitals   by   continuously   monitoring  and  evaluating  clinical
information  generated  during  patient  care. CSC’s CareVeillance clinical
surveillance  incorporates Corticon’s BRMS to identify and alert clinicians
to  patients  showing early signs of high risk conditions such as sepsis or
pneumonia.  This  allows  caregivers  the  earliest possible opportunity to
assess  and  treat  at-risk  patients,  and  to  ensure  that best practice
measures are delivered during critical time frames.

“Business  rules platforms are an advanced technology with the potential to
transform  healthcare services delivery,” says Mark Roman, president of CSC
Global  Healthcare  Services.  “With  Corticon’s  Business Rules Management
System,  we can empower healthcare companies to detect high-risk conditions
earlier than previously possible and automate industry best practice, which
can both reduce costs and improve quality of care.”

“We  are  pleased  to  partner  with  CSC to deliver the next generation of
clinical intelligence solutions,” said Mark Allen, M.D., CEO and Co-Founder
of  Corticon.   “Corticon  has  proven  that  rule-based, clinical decision
support  systems  can improve the quality of care, while reducing costs, by
suggesting   only  the  appropriate  tests  and  treatments  to  healthcare
professionals.   In  the past, hospitals were paid for all charges, whether
indicated or not.  This provided a negative financial incentive to leverage
and  experience  the  full  benefits of these clinical information systems.
Now, new pay for performance guidelines, driven by healthcare reform, align
reimbursements  for  hospitals  to  meeting specific quality measures. This
gives  hospitals  the  added financial incentive, as well as incentives for
enhanced   care  quality  and  cost-effectiveness,  to  implement  clinical
intelligence  solutions  such as CSC CareVeillance, and is driving the need
for these solutions.”

CSC’s  Healthcare  Group,  which serves healthcare providers, health plans,
pharmaceutical  and  medical  device  manufacturers,  and allied industries
around  the  world,  is  a  global  leader  in  transforming the healthcare
industry  through  the  effective  use of information to improve healthcare
outcomes, decision making and operating efficiency.

About CSC
CSC  is  a  global  leader  in  providing  technology-enabled solutions and
services  through  three  primary lines of business. These include Business
Solutions  and Services, the Managed Services Sector and the North American
Public  Sector.  CSC’s  advanced  capabilities  include  system  design and
integration,  information  technology  and  business  process  outsourcing,
applications  software  development,  Web  and application hosting, mission
support  and  management  consulting.  The company has been recognized as a
leader in the industry, including being named by FORTUNE Magazine as one of
the  World’s  Most  Admired  Companies  for Information Technology Services
(2010).  Headquartered  in  Falls Church, Va., CSC has approximately 93,000
employees  and  reported  revenue  of $16.2 billion for the 12 months ended
December  31,  2010.  For  more information, visit the company’s website at

About Corticon
Corticon   enables  organizations  to  make  better,  faster  decisions  by
automating business rules.  Corticon’s patented “no-coding” rules engine is
used  by  over  450 customers to automate their most sophisticated decision
processes,  reducing  development  and  change  cycles  by 90%.  Automating
decision   management  with  Corticon  empowers  organizations  to  improve
productivity  and  customer  service,  and adapt quickly to changing market
conditions.  For more information, visit