eHealth Initiative CEO Available for Interviews at HIMSS 2011

February 20, 2011, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jennifer Covich Bordenick, Chief Executive Officer of the eHealth Initiative, will be available to talk to healthcare media and other organizations interested in learning more about the eHealth Initiative during HIMSS 2011, Feb. 20-24 in Orlando, Fla.

“The HIMSS conference is a great opportunity every year to network and meet fellow health IT experts,” said Covich Bordenick. “I look forward to making new friends and discovering providers and vendors who are breaking new ground in the integration of health IT with traditional healthcare practices.

“2011 is going to be a make or break year for developing a true national health IT infrastructure.  With Congress cutting budgets and Dr. David Blumenthal, the National Coordinator for Health IT, returning to his position at Harvard, we face a constantly shifting landscape. But eHI and its members are working—both through research and implementation activities—to ensure that 2011 is the year that Meaningful Use transitions from an idea on paper to a reality in practice.

eHI’s own annual conference, “eHealth: Turning Policy Into Action,” occurred Jan. 19-20 in Washington, D.C., where Dr. Blumenthal made his last major speaking appearance before announcing his retirement.  eHI is now preparing its annual survey on the State of Health Information Exchange, the authoritative source for tracking and studying health information exchange activities in the U.S. The survey will be released at a public event in Washington, D.C. in July

About the eHealth Initiative: The eHealth Initiative (eHI) is a Washington D.C.-based, independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to drive improvements in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare through information and information technology.  Working with its 210 member organizations, eHI works to create a world where consumers, health care providers, and those responsible for population health will have ready access to timely, relevant, reliable and secure information and services through an interconnected, electronic health information infrastructure to support better health and healthcare.